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EE Silver makes us all Lucky in Love

 ðŸ€ Make your own luck! 💕 🍷 A winery ready to grow 🐑 Married omega babydoll sheep shifters 🐕 Their hot older alpha employee  ðŸ›Œ A bed too small for three men I think you know where this is gonna go… Get it from Amazon and Kindle Unlimited! He’s 🍀 His husband is 🔮 And their alpha 💗 them both. Two omegas and one alpha? Sounds like a recipe for 🔥 Get it from Amazon and Kindle Unlimited!    🍷 The only thing they love more than wine is each other, and a run of bad luck might take all of that away from them. Can the three of them take charge of their fate and make their own luck together? 💕 🍀  Get it from Amazon and Kindle Unlimited! Blurb: Alpha shifter Javi never thought the best thing that could happen to him would be getting lost on his way to a job interview. But when he winds up in a small town full of shifters and magic, he knows this is where he belongs. And when he meets the two omegas

Meg Embry Reclaims the Vale Valley

 Available now!  Reclaim A Vale Valley Solstice Romance 🦌🌲🐿 Being last in his family to be officially mated is a sore subject for Kaspar Kauffman. After finally, moving out of his parents’ house and into his own apartment, he thought things would finally fall into place.  Hopefully, starting with a more exciting love life. But between his on again, off again secret heat sharing with the guy he’s loved his entire life, one very out of character one-night stand, and a positive pregnancy test, Kaspar regrets every wish he’s ever made about that. Roe Avett wants a simple life—run his pottery business, visit his family, and continue to keep his carefully crafted peace intact. The one exception in his life is Kaspar—the squirrel shifter has a way of getting under his skin and into his heart in the most tempting way, leading them down a path to sharing their heats and ruts together. But Roe’s worries about maintaining his peace after a past tragedy and keeping his friendship intact with Ka