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Hot and Deadly Hop

When looking at my characters there is only one character that screams hot and deadly. Rekkus from Shifting hearts. He is a 6'5" surley Were Tiger.  His job to keep Cyrus Rowan a live and if that means he has to act as head of security at a spa so be it. So I thought it would be best to have him tell us abit about himself.   Thank you for coming to chat with us today. Why do you think Dominique Eastwick choose you to represent her?   I didn’t really have a choose as she is one of the high member of the Syndicate which rules the Para’s.   Paras? Yea Paranormals, witches, weres, vamps, fae, non humans.   And one group rules them all?   That’s what they think.   Tell us a little about yourself? I am head of Security for the Wiccan Haus, as well as the protector of the Rowan Family.   And? And what?   Could you tell us what the Wiccan Haus is? Didn’t you do your research before coming to interview me? No? Fine--the Wiccan Haus

Missy Jane Talks about meeting with her readers. :)

Meeting Readers   In my humble opinion, one of the best things about being a published author is getting to meet my readers in person. Meeting people online is lots of fun too, and something I do every day. However, there’s just something special about being able to put a real face with an avatar and screen name. About a year ago I had the great fortune of meeting one of my Twitter followers at my book signing. She had read my books and stopped by to lend her support by buying a print copy. I was seriously thrilled. Over the next few months we stayed in touch online and eventually met for coffee. Skip ahead to a few weeks ago when tickets for the Mumford and Sons concerts went on sale. Long story short she invited me to take a road trip to Austin with her and a friend to see one of my favorite bands. Of course I said yes! It didn’t really hit me until we were sitting side-by-side on the lawn waiting for the band to hit stage. I was out with one of my readers! We talked