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New book new genre

 At the behest of some authors I adore, I am looking at you Liz Silver and Kate Richards. I have moved out of my comfort zone. So my first M/M novel is also an MPREG.   Pre-Order Now!! Vale Valley was supposed to be his escape… Asher Dov needed to escape from everyone and everything. The property his uncle left him was the perfect place to mourn the loss of his twin. No one knew him in town. No one cared where he had run to. And the town had the only two things he needed: a hardware store and a liquor store. But the fates weren’t content to let him grieve in peace. Vale Valley was the perfect fit… Nolan Jacob was following his dream of becoming a firefighter. Only weeks away from taking his written exam he was content to study and deal with the trial of being a probie. Until a simple favor for another firehouse, a wellness check, turned his world upside down. Fighting demons could be harder than fires. Together can they fight the fires that are threatening to consume Ashe’s soul or wil