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Zodiac Shifters

Shifters of Yellowstone

Bear with Me
Shifters of Yellowstone Book 1

Shifters on Fire is out of print.

Bearing the Hunger
A Shifters of Yellowstone book 2
(Can be read as a stand alone)

An Alpha's Second Chance
A Shifters of Yellowstone book 3
(Can be read as a stand alone)

Shifting Hearts : The Wiccan Haus Book One

Sometimes it takes losing everything to find the one thing you need.

Siren's Serenade The Wiccan Haus Book Four

Loving her might be the death of him.

Healing His Soul's Mate  The Wiccan Haus Book 13 

Published through Decadent Publishing May 2016

Babies are coming.

Breaking the Mating Bond  The Wiccan Haus Book 18 

Published through Decadent Publishing July 2016

If you love someone let them go...

Healing Harvest Anthology

with TL Reeve and Michele Ryan

Falling Dragons



Strawberry Kisses (a 1NS novel)
Published through Decadent Publishing
August 2011

Are they ready to gamble on a 1Night Stand?

House of Lords Series
1NS short stories

Published through Decadent Publishing
April 2014

Can true love be unmasked in just one night or will it be destined to stay on the shelf?

 Published through Decadent Publishing
July 2014

 Can two broken hearts be mended over the course of one night?

Published through Decadent Publishing November 2014
Can Madame Eve show Andrew and Miranda there is more than a contract between them?

Published through Decadent Publishing January 2018
Can two people meant to be find their way through the lies and the pain to find true love again?

Heirs to the Duke Series

The Incomparables is out of print.

Captain Roarke Wooldridge is about to find out that sometimes love does heal all wounds.But when his need for revenge collides with desires he never believed he would feel again, will he be able to put aside the scars of Waterloo to embrace his future?

Full Novels

Published through Musa Publishing
Rereleased October 2015

What JC wants JC gets, and she wants Hunter no matter what.

Tony's Haven : Sherman Family Series Book Two

Rereleased October 2015

Sometimes Love comes in a package we least expect to find it in.

Killing Lucas (Sherman Family Book 3)

What doesn't kill us makes us stronger. But you have to keep from getting killed first.

Rereleased October 2015

Spencer's Chance (Sherman Family Book 4)

Sometimes love comes with challenges you didn't expect.

Publishing November 2015

Taming Trent (Sherman Family Book 5)

When the world is falling down around you, you must find something to hold on to.

Publishing May 2018

Sherman Cousin Short Stories
(companion stories)

Kissing the Bridesmaid (A Sherman Cousin Short Story)

A single kiss can change everything.

Kissing the Tycoon (A Sherman Cousin Short Story)

Even the big mistakes can be forgiven if you love enough.

The Black Hills Wolves

A Black Hills Wolf Book
From Decadent Publishing

Z is the boogie man of shifter's but even he has a soft spot for a mate.

A Black Hills Wolf Book

From Decadent Publishing

One of the twins has found their mate but it could be deadly.

Cookie Club Romance

When passion flares, can love fight the dark magic swirling around them, determined to break them, or will the fires that burn in the kitchen burn them as well.

Sweet Romance

When true love shows up on her doorstep, will Abby let him in or will she turn him away? Sometimes Kismet is all you need. 

Fate doesn't let you run away.

Coming Soon

Current Works In Progress

The Billionaire's Baby

Her Roughneck Cowboy

Kissing the Secret Agent

In Edits

Claiming Cyrus part one and two

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