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Wicked After Dark Blog hop Stop

Wow I can't believe Halloween is just around the corner. Where did the month of October go?  Well for me it went to editing two books to release this year.  Let me introduce one of my favorite heros, Rekkus the Were-Tiger. Rekkus is about as Alpha as you get and is the last of his kind, he is content working at the Wiccan Haus as the head of Security even if he looks his nose down at those in need of a spa retreat. He is serious, no nonsense, but has a soft spot in his heart for wayward teens and feels a great pull to mentor them. He is loyal to a fault and when he finds the right woman will never let her go. Human Stats Height, 6'5" Weight 220 Build MUSCLES Hair Black Eyes Gold Age Unknown Tattoo on shoulder of a tribal tiger Tiger States Height Weight 750 pounds Coat, Black with Silver stripes Eyes Golden Length 11 feet over curves Contest Time A lucky winner will be entered to win any ebook from

Dom's Top 5 Scary Movies....

Welcome to my Coffin Hop Stop Thank you for stopping by I am a writer of Erotic Romance whose first Paranormal Romance is due out 11-11-11 (I just love that date) Alright here are my top 5 horror Movies that scarred me for life. (seriously) #5 Arachnophobia I know really, yes I laughed but when the Spider was in the popcorn I left the theater, And they broke the Cardinal Rule of Horror films they killed someone under the Blanket. Even Jason didn't take on the Blanket. #4 When a Stranger Calls. Are you kidding me I didn't ever babysit again. Have I checked the children? HELL NO #3 The Omen, What isn't scary about a demonic child out to kill everyone? #2 Jaws Anyone who doesn't get a little creeped out in the ocean didn't see this, or like me didn't see it then fall a sleep on a water bed to be woken up screaming by a Cat jumping on the bed. And the Number 1 is also one of my favorite, though one of the worst book adaptations ever!!!!!!! T

Type A Meets the Redneck by Margie Church

 I am delighted today to welcome one of my favorite people Margie Church to my blog. Margies books are amazing if you haven't have the chance to check them out I suggest now is a great time to do so. Margie the floor or Blog as it were is all yours... Type A Meets the Redneck Nopeming Shores was the first book I've ever co-authored. One of my author friends asked how I managed to do it with my Type A personality. I'll tell you. Around the holidays last year, Andrew and I exchanged some emails about the story arc. Since I normally write erotic romances, scorching hot wouldn't fly because he's a primary grade school teacher. In fact, the book couldn't have graphic sex or language in it and still carry his name. I wanted to overcome this obstacle and allow Andrew the opportunity to take credit for his work. I went back to thinking about the plot and retooling my writing style to suit his needs. I solicited a laundry list of g-rated swear words and phrases I

Get to Know Kerri Nelson

I am thrilled to welcome Kerri Nelson who is stopping today along her blog hop. Personally I can't wait to read Kerri's new book and Her cover I just adore. Here is the blurb and get to know Kerri a little more a story I think that will make you think :) October Last Year Do you ever do that thing where you stop and wonder…what was I doing this time last year? I probably do this quite often because I’m one of those people sort of addicted to remembering my milestones both good and bad. Unfortunately, this time last year was a rough time for me.   I’d just undergone my first mammogram and had received scary news that “they found something”.   The same day I’d attended this traumatic event, they’d performed a needle biopsy and I went through all of this alone and feeling quite exposed. In the end, the results were good and I hope they continue to stay that way from here on out, but it was a scary fall season for me which had nothing to do with Halloween, ghosts, goblins or de