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Nibble on Lady Varney’s Risqué Business, A Regency Romp, out now from Cerise DeLand !

  Lady Varney’s Risque Business is first in a collection of Regency Romps that I début this year! When a proper lady of the ton takes on a new client in her risqué matchmaking business, she discovers that he has one decadent demand. Spend the night with him! Lady Kitty Varney runs a discreet business to support herself and pay off her late husband's gambling debts. When Viscount Justin Belmont appears in her parlor, Kitty's latest client is the very man she was forbidden to marry years ago. Kitty questions if she can find Justin a woman worthy of him...and if she can bear to help him wed any other woman. Then Justin lists his criteria for a wife and Kitty is shocked to learn she is among the few candidates suitable. He demands each candidate spend one night with him. Can Kitty deny herself the chance to enjoy the charms of the man she's never forgotten? Lady Varney's risqué business might be her saving grace–but it may well become her undoing.

My Fan Girl Moment

So I had a huge fan girl moment last night. Although I have been published now for a few years there are still authors that to me remain the pinnacle of what I hope to one day be. Last night I found this when I was looking on Amazon.   To have my book The Duke and the Virgin  in the same page, if only for a couple minutes, with one of my top three authors Stephanie Laurens was a moment of awesomeness. :)   Just had to share.   Now Available     Amazon / Barnes and Noble / aRE / Bookstrand Decadent Publishing  

The Duke and the Virgin NEW RELEASE

So I finally worked up the courage to write a historical. So it might be short but its a step in that direction.  Please check out my 1st historical and my 2nd 1Night Stand. The Duke and the Virgin Part of the 1 Night Stand series at Decadent Publishing   Now Available Amazon / Barnes and Noble / aRE / Bookstrand Decadent Publishing       In a time when women have few options for their futures, bluestocking wallflower Llysa Hamilton has aged out of the marriage mart. With offers for her hand unlikely, she enlists Madame Eve’s 1Night Stand service to find the perfect man for one passionate night. Wolfe Thane, Duke of Foxhaven, has never lacked for anything, but he’s bored with his entitled life. Winning a 1Night Stand voucher in a poker game appears to offer a perfect, commitment-free opportunity to add spice to his sex life. Hiding behind a mask during her date with the duke offers Llysa anonymity and courage. Wolfe has never met a woman as intriguing and disi

Character Interview with Arlo from the Novel Sinful Surrender

I am thrilled to welcome Arlo from the Novel Sinful Surrender by Houston Havens   Tell us a little something about yourself and your brothers?   When I’m not in a battle with the Dirt Dwellers I like hanging out at the Blade’s Saloon. Lots of interesting people go through there, Star Riders, New and Old World moles. You see and hear lot. As well, I like to entertain the crowed with my music, my songs, and my poetry. I like people. I like to make them ‘feel’. Logan’s my oldest brother, I’m sure you know he’s the leader of our people. He’s a home-body. He rarely leaves the premises except to go to battle. He works too much and forgets to ‘have fun’. I believe you’ve got to balance life whenever you can. A man has to find time for the sweeter things in life. Logan’s too serious. Drakker’s not as bad, but he too forgets to have fun … you can’t call his kinkiness in the bedroom ‘fun’ I don’t know what the hell that’s all about. I ain’t down with that kind of stuff;

Finally...The END

So its seems to have taken forever but I finally wrote those lovely words the end on Spencer's Chance.  That's not to say I am done with it. I have to edit it then beta it before Submitting it then there are the three rounds of edits, line edits and galleys. But the book is written. I am going out to celebrate.