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Infiltrating her Pack a Black Hill Wolves novel Book 20

Infiltrating her Pack Black Hill Wolves By Dominique Eastwick Amazon Barnes and Noble The mysterious and intimidating lone wolf, Z, has returned to Los Lobos. Descended from a long line of gifted yet secretive shifters known as Infiltrators, his people are the spies of the shifting world, rarely seen and harder to track. Ripley Greystone has a big problem—her pack is Alpha-less and a local coyote band knows it. The safety of her pack rides on trusting Drew, the new Alpha of the Black Hills Wolves. But, admitting the reason for needing his help isn’t something she’s quite ready to do. Drew senses there’s more to Ripley’s request to join his pack than what she leads him to believe. There’s only one way to know for sure—send an Infiltrator to spy on Ripley and her pack. Forced to infiltrate her pack to discover its hidden secrets and protect it from the coyotes determined to claim the she-wolves for themselves, Z finds more than he expects—all the wh

The Incomparables: Box Set Waterloo 200

The Incomparables: 6 Heroes of Waterloo and the 6 Ladies They Adore This limited edition box set includes 6 scorching romances that commemorate the 200th anniversary of the June 18, 1815 Battle of Waterloo. From the Duchess of Richmond’s ball in Brussels to the Battle of Waterloo and beyond, join these six unforgettable heroes as they journey back from the physical and emotional trials of war and discover the passion that thrills the body can also heal the heart.  Coming June 18th from bestselling and award winning historical romance authors Cerise DeLand , Sabrina York , Suzi Love , Lynne Connolly , Suzanna Mederios and Dominique Eastwick . Preorder now: Read more about this steamy collection! Interlude with a Baron by Cerise DeLand Emma wants only an interlude with the man she’s adored for years. But Drayton Worth has spent five years riddled with

A dystopian retelling of Sleeping Beauty by Taryn Kincaid

Rain A Beyond Fairytales story By Taryn Kincaid A dystopian retelling of Sleeping Beauty Pre-Order Now! Amazon | Kobo | Google Blurb:             Sleeping Beauty in a post-apocalyptic land…             In a world gone mad, where little remains but a vast wasteland of sand, the leader of a troop of roving warriors welcomes a brave young woman into his midst.             Much as he burns for her, Major Clay Worthington swears to keep his distance from the mysterious woman, so sensitive even the stinging rain can wound her. Rosina Brierly is besotted with the formidable soldier and will gladly trade her life for one torrid night of blissful passion in his arms.        But when sleep overcomes them, will true love prevail? Excerpt:             Does the major ever feel lust? Does he covet a woman’s touch? He never gave any sign he did. Too aloof and austere, too remote from the simple emotion

My new cover for Shifting Hearts

The Wiccan Haus is almost back here is the first new cover!!!! For more information about the Wiccan Haus sign up for their newsletter here.

My BBW Titles

Someone asked which books of mine are BBW.  For those of you unfamiliar with that term it stands for Big Beautiful Woman . I personally prefer Reubenesque myself :) So here they are including those coming soon. I also wanted to address the question of why not have all my Sherman books be BBW.  The answer is simple just as we are all different the Sherman brothers aren't all going to fall for the same type of woman. Lucas fell for a petite little Killoran and Trent will be falling in love with someone that shares his love of Rock Climbing. That being said the Sherman Cousins are all BBW as the Sherman women are a curvaceous lot :) So here they are including those coming soon. The Sherman Series. Tony's Haven Sherman Family Series Book 2 Now Available Amazon/ BN / ARe / Kobo Kissing the Bridesmaid A Sherman Cousin Short Story Sherman Family Series Book 2.5 Now Available Amazon / ARe / Nook Kissing The Tycoon A Sherman Cousin Short