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Billionaire Trap

The start of what I think will be a great series. This is a quick read and just what I want in every book I escape just for a while. Dominique is incredibly good at building a world that is able to take you away from your own. What astonishes me is that she is able to do that in her short stories. No easy feat.

This is the story of Breanne the human lie detector and Conner the Billionaire. He's the one she thought broke her sister's heart. So she sets out to break his. But will he break her instead? Families aren't always what they seem and sometimes they are.

When Breanne's sister Sarah tells her that she was jilted at the alter Breanne gets Conner to rescue her from her "accidental" run-in with a tree on the Double Diamond run on the slopes in New Hampshire. What She doesn't expect is to find that he never even dated her sister and even more surprising is that she is incredibly attracted to him so she decides to dig deeper.

She knows they are both telling the truth but how can that be? Two very different stories but only one truth. That truth heartbreaking no matter which way you look at it.

Now she has a choice. The love of her sister or the love of a man she never expected she'd get. How can there possibly be a happy ending in this mess? Read this short sassy story and you'll find out how truly good Dominique is at drawing you in and giving you what you want. There is an HEA and it's not what you'd expect. And food. There's food too. ~Vex Bex

Kismet and Cocoa
Sweet Christmas Kisses

“Kismet and Cocoa” by Dominique Eastwick begins with Abby, a baseball bat, and a gorgeous stranger at her door. With one of the best first lines from a hero I’ve ever read in a romance book, “I have a kitten”, Preston spits out those words hoping to stop her from swinging a baseball bat at his head. With memories of a bad romance lingering in her head, will Abby give Preston a chance at love? A lovely Christmas romance! ~ Joanne Best 

Infiltrating her Pack
Black Hills Wolves Book 20

A delightful surprise.  I’ve not read this author before and wasn’t sure from the blurb how this was going to fit in with the Black Hills Wolves.  But the author made it work and we have fun while she does.  I love watching to strong individuals fall for each other.  True these wolves have the chemical reaction from finding their “True Mate” but that only gets them together. Making it work is the fun part.  I got a kick out of the secondary characters as well. ~ In My Humble Opinion

I really like Z and all of the Greystone pack.  I hope there are more stories regarding Ripley’s pack and Z’s family too!!  I’m definitely going to have to check out more of this series to see if they are all this good :)

I highly recommend this book to wolf shifter lovers and Dominique’s fans. ~ Cassandra Lost in Books

The Earl and his Virgin Countess.
The House of Lords Book 3

"The Earl and his Virgin Countess by Dominique Eastwick was a quick read that I enjoyed very much. There is just enough steam and humor to make this short story a hit. I found myself laughing loudly at Miranda as her fiery temper got the better of her. It was also very amusing when her curiosity would get the better of her. Poor Andrew had no idea what hit him. What I liked most about this story is that Andrew (an earl) was not a complete ass as most others are portrayed. This was very refreshing.
I give this book 5 stars. It was more than I was expecting and I look forward to reading more from this author. I find myself smiling every time I think about this book." ~5 Stars Drue's Random Chatter's Reviews

This was such a unique 1NS story. I loved how Ms. Eastwick changed it up and added a bit more length. There were so many initial obstacles for them to get over and they accomplished it wonderfully. Lord Andrew’s honor was unsurpassed and Miss Miranda’s loyalty was beautifully bright. Thank you Ms. Eastwick for sharing their beautiful story of love and forgiveness. You wrote with richness and depth and brought this couple to life. You did an amazing job with so few words. It’s a huge credit to your writing ability. You have succeeded again in capturing my heart with your House of Lords series.~ Got Romance Review

The Marquis and the Mistress.
The House of Lords Book 2

 "All I can say is wow! My expectations were blown away. It was like a novel all wrapped up and packaged with a great big bow." .~5 Stars Got Romance Reviews

The Duke and the Virgin.
The House of Lords

Oh my!! The Duke and the Virgin is why I love 1NS. When I was done; I smiled with contentment, released a pleased sigh and my heart and soul was filled with warmth. Loved this story!!Got an hour, pick up this book. Your heart will thank you.~5 Stars Got Romance Reviews

As in most of the 1Night Stand books, this is fairly short with heavy emphasis on the sex. I enjoyed Llysa’s awakening to her own body, even as she is fearful of her reception…”Fear engulfed her as all the negative words she had ever heard about her weight flooded her.” Not just a modern thing, unfortunately.
The Duke is much more likeable than I thought, bored with the same routine, yes, but he’s sweet, loves his mother and he is gentle. This is a quick, sexy historical romance.~ 4 stars Hearts on Fire Reviews 

Hot Burning Love
Cookie Club Romance

"Ms. Eastwick captured the essence of the story, made me vested in the characters and while, heck yes, this story could have been made into a full novel – and boy do I wish it would have been, it wasn’t necessary. This is a perfect teeny tiny story that doesn’t beat around the bush. It gets right to the heart of the matter; Rowena and Caine were always meant to be." .~5 Stars Got Romance Reviews

Kissing the Tycoon
Sherman Series 3.5

I would recommend Kissing the Tycoon. It’s a very enjoyable read. Yes, this story could have supported a higher page count quite easily, but since I knew going in that this was short and sweet, I was ready. All the points were covered and it helped make it a solid short story. I have to say; that is a hard thing to accomplish. Great job Ms. Eastwick! ~Tony at Got Romance Reviews 4 stars

Killing Lucas
Sherman Series Book 3

This is the third book in the Sherman Family series. As I've mentioned before, I didn't read this series in order and began with the second story, Tony's Haven, which was excellent.

This story begins with Lucas Sherman cursing up a storm and throwing things around in his lab. You see, our boy Lucas had been engaged to a beautiful actress who he was completely in love with. They broke up due to that little moment when he walked in on her with another guy, but hey! It really was just a small, unimportant moment in his life. Anyway, he runs into his ex at a club and the next day all the tabloids have pictures of the two of them on the cover. He is so over it. Alright, his ex fiancé is Kiloran O'Connor, red head, Irish and just lovely. It turns out, yes, we've all heard the excuse before, that moment wasn't all it looked like. It turns out she's been stalked since before she even met Lucas, and now it was getting worse.

I learned a long time ago to never say 'it couldn't get any worse, could it' since it usually does get significantly worse. Apparently Lucas has also learned this. After his home is burned down and Kiloran comes forward saying it might be her stalker, the two of them are forced to be together in an attempt to bring this person down. Not only does Tony get involved so do Spencer, Trenton, brother in law Hunter and even FBI Agent Vassar! I will admit I didn't like Kiloran at first when I didn't know anything about what was really going on, but as I read more about what really happened I began to like her. She's actually stronger than she seems and seeing as she's been dealing with this for years she is good at putting up a show of strength.

Lucas just doesn't know what to do about this. He's still wildly attracted to Kiloran but doesn't want to really get back together with her as she killed his heart. She is still almost destroyed by the stress of this all and the fact she doesn't believe Lucas will ever forgive her. Now, with all the angst between the two we also have several attempts on lives, the entire Sherman Family support, a knife attack on one of the brothers, a sweet puppy named Fenway and an almost shocking twist at the end. It was chilling. Ms. Eastwick truly kept me on the edge of my seat for this one! You don't have to read this series in order, but I actually recommend it. As I said in my review of Hunting JC, I am a complete addict of Dominique Eastwick's writing. Her writing and stories are always excellent and she never lets me down!

Overall rating~ The Romance Studio

Fast paced, emotional and sexy; a great mixture for sure.  Lucas’s pain has been haunting me from the very start and I’m so happy that he gets his happily ever after.  The Sherman’s play hard and love harder.  Lucas had the biggest heart of them all and it was broke beyond repair.  Ms. Eastwick had a tough job ahead of her and she did very well to showcase his pain.  Honestly, this book could have been longer, because he was in that much pain and was that angry.  Lucas had a very long road ahead of him, but she did a great job in the time allotted her.  Even though Lucas wore his pain on his sleeve, it was more painful for me to finally understand Kiloran’s side of the story.  She is an amazing woman, with a selfless heart and a true mate for Lucas.

Thank you Ms. Eastwick.  You did a great job bringing this story to light and bringing these two tortured lovers back together.  Killing Lucas was everything I wanted and I enjoyed it wholeheartedly.  It is a great addition to the family.  ~Books Read and MakeUp Done

Killing Lucas is an action-packed romance that will keep you guessing throughtout the book.  The sparks fly as Lucas and Kiloran reunite in the wake of danger.  Lucas definitely has a lot of pent up aggression for Kiloran at the beginning of the novel but that aggression quickly turns to lust as the story unfolds.  Killing Lucas also brings past Sherman couples back for some great moments. Ms. Eastwick gives readers a great suspenseful romance with Killing Lucas~ Miranda at Joyfully Reviewed

Kissing the Bridesmaid
A Sherman Cousins Short Story

 It truly was a sweet romance. Do not let that fool you, it also had heat, but the storyline was sweet and happy and was the perfect read before bed. I had been hearing a lot about the Finally Ever After series and the Sherman Family series, so when I was offered the chance to read both at once, I jumped on it. ~Delphina Reads too Much

Kissing the Bridesmaid is a cute short story, with Zia as a delicious villain, even though she professes regret later on. The HEA ending overcomes all Callie’s doubts and insecurities, and it’s a good, although short read.~ Manic Reads

What made this so appealing was the unrestrained lust Callie and Aiden created when all their feelings were put on the table. Their “reunion” was smoking hot.~Night Owl Reviews

Callie and Aiden are wonderfully written.  Ms. Eastwick did a great job in the time allotted her.  She kept the details of them and their pasts tight, thorough without draining the word count.  She was able to make me feel their pain and understand what each of them where going through in their individual moments in time.  Once the walls were torn down, they had nowhere else to go, but into each other’s arms and I couldn’t be happier for them. ~Books Read and MakeUp Done

This is an engaging, emotional story of redemption and second chances, making for a fun single-serving read.~ The Romance Review

Siren's Serenade

5 hearts
October 3, 2012

This is the fourth book of the Wiccan Haus Series from Musa Publishing. Wiccan Haus is on an island off the coast of Maine and it is magically protected with a thick fog around is, and a magical boundary beneath the surface as well. It's kind of a paranormal spa yet they do have regular humans go there also. We begin this story with Serena, the middle daughter of the mermaid queen, being scolded by her mother for not luring and killing men so they can reproduce. She really wants nothing to do with that, she'd rather save sailors and others on the sea. She's given a year to find a man and basically get pregnant. She signs an agreement with the staff of the Wiccan Haus to not use her magical gifts (singing and hypnotizing men) and she stays in a bungalow near the beach. Human guests arrive via boat, Paras via a portal, and never the twain really meet. Here is where Kaleb Theldon enters the scene. He's a human, Coast Guard search and rescue. He's sent to Wiccan Haus because he saw his best friend taken by a mermaid during a rescue.
Serena tries to keep herself away from the humans, Paras all stay away from her because she's a mermaid, but Kaleb sees her and manages to meet her. He doesn't really know what she is, he just knows he's never met a woman like her before. Serena, for her part, is almost completely bowled over by Kaleb. They begin a relationship of sorts which is very cute since she doesn't understand half of what he talks about. In the meantime, one of the other Para guests is an injured were-shark there for some healing. Serena works with her in the water to assist her with her magical healing. Kaleb is sent to classes that seem like he's training and yet all he really knows is that he wants Serena to come back with him to his job for the Coast Guard.
I have read all four of the Wiccan Haus books, and they were quite good, and none are dependent on the others. It does help if you read them in order so you understand the supporting characters and the 'rules' of the island. I've said this before in another review I wrote here for Hunting J.C. by Ms. Eastwick, but I will admit freely that I am addicted to her stories! I have loved what she's written for Decadent Publishing but I adore what she does with Musa Publishing. Her Wiccan Haus characters are excellent and her twists and turns keep me riveted. I was quite pleased she didn't give us stereotypical mermaids and Paras and I actually thought Kaleb was an awesome hero! I always keep my eyes open for Ms. Eastwick's work and for the next addition to this series! ~Overall rating:

In the fourth book of the multi-author Wiccan Haus series, Dominique Eastwick brings the reader a sweet love story filled with more plot twists than ocean currents in the sea. Kaleb knows he saw a siren kill his partner but no one will listen to him. His superiors think he needs a rest. The Wiccan Haus, a haven for both humans and supernatural beings, specializes in special cures for problems that have no "normal" solutions. The owners use their special talents to bring their patrons the peace they have been searching for. A siren who does not want to kill her mate wants to find love that will last forever. Will Kaleb be the answer to her prayers or will he become one more victim of a siren? ~ Sensual Reads

"Siren’s Serenade" is spellbinding from the first words. Ms. Eastwick has a talent for bringing her characters alive to the readers, writing steamy sex scenes and a beautiful love story. I do recommend you read the previous books in the ‘Wiccan Haus’ series, so you can truly enjoy the rich world the authors have created. I absolutely love this series and you will easily get pulled in by the call of the "Siren’s Serenade"! ~Bibliophilic Book Blog

Siren’s Serenade is such a smooth read. The plot is solid and exciting, the sex is hot and the characters are to die for. In regards to the characters, I know personally that I want to get to know them and call them friends. The contributing authors are doing a spectacular job transporting me into the Wiccan Haus universe and Ms. Eastwick has written my favorite addition to date.

I enjoyed this story from the very first page. Even though it was about Serena and Kaleb, I also got to revisit the siblings and other wonderful characters from previous books. That aspect made this story all the more special. They blended well with the main couple and didn’t intrude on their story. They only enhanced it.
I’m still shocked that this was a short story. While I enjoy short stories to fill in the little windows of time I may have that won’t warrant a full novel, I can’t recall a short story being more fulfilling than Siren’s Serenade. I was left giddy and the epilogue was the icing on the cake!

Don’t miss this beautiful sea glass gem. Siren’s Serenade is richly colored and spellbinding. I hope you will be as drawn in as I was. I would suggest that you read the prior books in the series first though. Without them you will not understand why I enjoyed this book so much. While it is not completely necessary, you minus well dive right in and get caught up in the storm. The Wiccan Haus series is a treasure that needs to be enjoyed to its fullest! ~Books Read and MakeUp Done

Shifting Hearts

Shifting Hearts is a great little find. I am so tickled I found these wonderful characters that make up The Wiccan Haus. They were quirky, diverse and very intriguing. Ms. Eastwick's writing style pulled me into the story immediately and never lost my attention for a second. Of course the fact that she wrote some amazingly hot and erotic love scenes didn't hurt. What really made the story so great was the fact that even though the characters were both damaged in their own way, no one played the martyr card. The noble "Oh, I'm not good enough for you" scenario never occurred and I was thrilled. This was a very well written, straightforward paranormal romance that depended on the story and the characters to hook the reader not unnecessary and frustrating dramatic angst. Don't get me wrong, there was lots of honest emotion from Dana and Rekkus. It wasn't all smooth sailing, but the roadblocks to their relationship weren't drawn out and over utilized in order to meet a word count. I really, really hope to see a full length novel involving these characters. Job well done.

4.5 Stars

Ms. Eastwick does a wonderful job of bringing two characters from completely different backgrounds together into an explosive climax—both sexual and emotional. Poor Dana is thrust into a world of creatures that she never knew existed, only to discover that there’s been a bit of magic in her life for many years. Rekkus is a brooding, alpha male determined to fight commitment tooth and claw, until he finally gives in, then he’s willing to jump in with both feet. The reader gets to see him go from an “in charge” kind of guy, to submissive to Dana’s needs, wants, and wishes. It’s a nice change. View point, grammar, and punctuation are handled very well. Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed this story and would likely read it again.

Take one tough tiger shifter; a timid, less-than-perfect female; a handful of paranormal misfits, add a little bit of magic, and you get a scrupulously entertaining story filled with witty humor, primal attraction, and some good old fashioned romance. Grab a copy of Shifting Hearts by Dominique Eastwick, you won’t be disappointed.

Just Erotic Romance Reviews 

Shifting Hearts is the perfect start to The Wiccan Haus series. I loved everything about this story; the setting, plot, and all of the characters. Rekkus and Dana are perfect for each other and the chemistry between them is awesome. When we meet Dana we see a person who has tried to be the daughter her parents would be proud of, but yet there is struggle for Dana to be happy. For Dana it takes a great deal of courage to be true to herself and it shows her true self with Rekkus. Rekkus' is determined to not allow fate to mess with his life and the battle to fight fate is very interesting to watch. There is one scene with water that makes you is so friggin' HOT! The sex is explosive between Rekkus and Dana barely allowing you time to catch your breath before the next wave hits. Each of the secondary characters in the story are awesome, staying in the background yet giving off vibes that makes me want to know more. I really loved Shifting Hearts and can't wait for next story in the series.

From the first page I was dragged into this world not only by the main characters but all the secondary characters as well. I cant wait to hear more stories from each of these compelling characters. I recommend this book if you like you males undoubtedly alpha and your females with a heart so large an entire peninsula could fit inside.

Bitten by Paranormal Romance

Fantastic story and a great romance.
You get a great storyline with this novella. Dominique takes you into some islands off of Maine and gives you witches, vamps, shifters and a lot of other bump in the night creatures. I enjoyed getting to know them and can’t wait for the next book.

Rekkus is a very dominating shifter that really doesn’t want a mate but when a woman comes to the inn for vacation he just cannot stop nor can she.

I recommend this to anyone who likes a good short read with some great characters.

Tony's Haven
Sherman Series Book 2

Sizzling Hot Books

5 Hearts & Sizzling Hot Book of the Month for June

Tony’s Haven is great. I missed the first Sherman Family novel (Hunting JC), yet didn’t feel at a loss for not having read it. This is one family that that leaves a lasting impression and Dominique Eastwick has done an incredible job of creating characters who you want to visit again, and want to see in the next book (hint, hint). Personally being a curvaceous woman myself (with a few rough patches in life as well), I relate to Haven best and feel she will stay my favorite character in this series. But I would love to be proved wrong depending on whom Tony’s brothers end up with…

Siren Book Reviews

Siren Best Book Stone From Cia
(5 star plus)

"Tony’s Haven by Dominique Eastwick was a fantastic read. I fell in love with Haven’s brutal sense of humour and witty retorts. Through accidents on the slope, crazy family and insane circumstance their passion still blazed strong. I enjoyed seeing the hero emerge small pieces at a time into a man I’d want to call my own too. Finishing the book with a sigh was spectacular."

4 Stars from Sugar Beat

"TONY'S HAVEN is an unexpected page-turner with super hot sex and a tear worthy happily every after. This author has produced an outstanding story about real people in realistic situations. A book that everyone can identify with...."

Tony and Haven heat up the slopes in Tony’s Haven. The second addition of the Sherman series continues to give the reader fun family drama and spicy romance. Haven is exactly the opposite of Tony’s usual conquests and that makes her perfect for him. I love the way Ms. Eastwick approached Tony and Haven’s romance. While Haven is understandably attracted to Tony in the beginning she has quite a few negative feelings about him. Tony must win over Haven and in doing so the reader gets a glimpse into the depth of his character. This playboy has a big heart he just needs the right woman to complete him. Haven and Tony make a beautiful couple and have some sizzling bedroom scenes! I love the complication of Tony’s brother Spencer in their romance. I was totally surprised and I really liked the way Ms. Eastwick played it out. Tony’s Haven is a great read!!

Hunting JC
Sherman Series book 1

5 Lightning Bolts 
Friday, October 12, 2012

So right off the bat you have to love the adopted family dynamic.  You get enough back story and interaction that you practically feel a part of it.  What I love about JC in particular is that she knows what she wants and goes after it fairly ruthlessly.  Hunter has always been loyal to his friend, Tony, who is one of JC’s brothers, but with her behavior, he’s toast.  It’s a good thing we got all that back story though, because without it their initial encounters just wouldn't be believable.  As it is, it still feels a tad rushed.
This story was predictable in places (though let’s face it, what story isn’t to some degree these days?), but there were still some twists and turns thrown in there.  The story and the relationship started out a little two-dimensional for me, but it picks up and once it does, it never lets go.  It turns into a bit of a tear jerker in fact as obstacle after obstacle is set in front of Hunter and JC and they go through so much turmoil.
A book with such emotional investment that I cried more than once as well as laughed, Hunting JC is a beautiful story about self-confidence, learning to truly love and trust, and the bonds of family.  You will NOT be disappointed with picking this one up!  I can’t wait to read Tony’s story.

5 Hearts
 Sunday, August 7, 2011
Hunting JC by Dominique Eastwick

Hunting JC is a great romance. The sexy scenes are good (and spicy) and the suspense is predictable but adds a nice tension at times. The real gem of Hunting JC is that it is an emotional journey, and not always an easy one at that! Hunter and JC have lots of obstacles along the way, some not even mentioned here. This is also a great introduction to the Sherman family and the series that is continued in Tony’s Haven (which I reviewed last month HERE). We are all looking forward to more from Dominique Eastwick. (Killing Lucas is the next one expected in this Sherman Family series.)

Just Erotic Romance Reviews

5 Stars from L.T. Blue

"Hunting JC is a contemporary romance filled with suspense, great sex, heartache, healing, and best of all love...The drama that unfolds will keep you reading this story until the very end."

Got Erotic Romance Review

4 Diamonds from Brecken Stevens

 "(In Hunting JC) There are moments that are touching beyond belief, lines youll read over and over because they are that darn sweet, and humor to keep it all running until JC and Hunter finally make up their darn minds! "

Strawberry Kisses

Cocktails and Books

I am a great fan of the 1NS series and have discovered quite a few new authors due to this series. Dominique Eastwick has just become the latest addition to my list of authors to follow. This short and incredibly sweet romance is a great addition to the 1NS series and I can’t wait to read more by this author.

4 Divas

Dominique Eastwick has given us a thoroughly satisfying read in Strawberry Kisses with real emotion, scorching hot sex and a happily ever after that left a smile on my face. Well done!

Rated 4 Delightful Divas by Sherri!

This is a part of a series from Decadent Publishing. All the heroines (or heroes) in this series either have friends who send them to, or hear about, Madame Evangeline's high-end dating service 1 Night Stand. The entire series is written by different authors.

Mia is a computer game programmer, so yes, she's a geek who spends much of her time in front of her computer screen. She is elegantly described as Rubenesque, but she is also a little awkward, being a geek and all. Gavin is everything Mia creates in her game heroes so she's just a little affected by him.
Gavin is at the convention with his teenaged son. His sister talked him into signing up for Madame Eve's service but isn't rally interested in going on his date after he runs into Mia as she is everything he loves in a woman. He is almost ecstatic when he opens the door and finds her! Wow! Ms. Eastwick wrote such a good story, I couldn't put it down!
Gavin is such a cool character, I love how he and Mia finally got together. Mia is such an awesome heroine, I loved everything about her. This is a stand-alone story and there are 32 so far in the series, and I am so happy bought this one! I own at least twenty of them, so this story continues to make me want to read more from the series. I have read other stories by Ms. Eastwick and each time I finish one I go out and find another one!
Overall rating: 5 Hearts
Sensuality rating: Very sensual

5 Diamonds

Hooray for heroes like Gavin who love curvy women like Mia! Strawberry Kisses is one of those fabulous stories that I know I will read over and over again. I absolutely loved the main characters and their interactions. I found it so easy to relate to Mia, I have many klutzy moments myself and I love how she referenced her career in her internal dialogue, it just made her more endearing. Gavin was so very charming and realistic. His attraction to Mia’s mind and body seemed so sincere and did a lot for my own self-esteem. I genuinely felt as if I made a connection with both these characters who I found to be extremely well developed for such a short story. This is one hot and romantic keeper and I cannot wait to see what else this author has to offer. 


Tony's Haven Aspen Gold 2011 Erotic Romance Winner

Sherman Series 2011 Best Series at LRC

Shifting Hearts 2nd Place Best Erotic Romance 2011

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Sirens Serenade Sweetheart of the Week The Romance Studio

Shifting Hearts Sweetheart of the Week The Romance Studio

Strawberry Kisses Sweetheart of the Week  The Romance Studio

Hunting JC Honorable Mention LRC Best Contemporary Book 2010 

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