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Happy Birthday

  Thank you for Stopping by my Blog site on the For those who don't know me let me introduce myself. As you already gathered my name is Dominique Eastwick. I am a Wife, Mother of Two boys and a person who isn't living if she isn't creating something. Which means my life is crazy and I am a bit scatterbrained. I am in the middle of working on the Third Book in the Sherman Family Series. The First Book Hunting JC  and the Second book Tony's Haven are currently available at Aspen Mountain Press The Sherman Family series stories take place in and around Boston, but move to some of my favorite places in New England. Real Places that while I lived there I loved and frequented. Though some of the names might be changed the places exist and to anyone who knows the area they will know the places. Want to take a Sherman Tour of Boston. Come back over the next few weeks and I will take you on a photographic journey with the Shermans, But first who the Heck are the Sherma


Welcome to Dominiques Treasure Quest Blog Stop Okay so I have to admit to being really really busy but I really really love doing this blog hop tour so when the decision was to make it about treasures my brain went to Pirates, then from Pirated to the Beach and then to may favorite beach which also happens to be refered to as the Graveyard of the Atlantic. The Outer Banks of North Carolina This is my Treasure place if X marks the spot then Obx is my spot, and Nags Head is the exact place.  Why?  Because for me it has it all, Great beaches with great surf, (not BIG SURF but fun surf), things to do and Wind. I love wind, I love flying kites and feeling the wind whip through my hair. There is a reason the Wright Brothers Choose Kitty Hawk and OBX to fly the wind never stops. So every summer for a few days or if we are lucky a full week, my husband and I gather up our stuff sometimes our kids and meet awesome friends and have the best time of our lives.

Welcome to the Blog

Lookie there I finally broke down and did the blogger thing. I held out long enough and decided it was well past time for me to get my butt and my writing on to a blog. So here it is, boring as hell at the moment but I do hope to make it better in the coming weeks. Or when ever I figure it all out. Happy Writing Dominique