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New book new genre

 At the behest of some authors I adore, I am looking at you Liz Silver and Kate Richards. I have moved out of my comfort zone. So my first M/M novel is also an MPREG.   Pre-Order Now!! Vale Valley was supposed to be his escape… Asher Dov needed to escape from everyone and everything. The property his uncle left him was the perfect place to mourn the loss of his twin. No one knew him in town. No one cared where he had run to. And the town had the only two things he needed: a hardware store and a liquor store. But the fates weren’t content to let him grieve in peace. Vale Valley was the perfect fit… Nolan Jacob was following his dream of becoming a firefighter. Only weeks away from taking his written exam he was content to study and deal with the trial of being a probie. Until a simple favor for another firehouse, a wellness check, turned his world upside down. Fighting demons could be harder than fires. Together can they fight the fires that are threatening to consume Ashe’s soul or wil

14 days and done with Quarantine

 So after 14 days I finally get to see my new home. Well, more then what is outside my window that is. Please know I am not complaining after all if you have to quarantine Hawaii is an amazing place to do it. but other then when I flew in and thankfully there was a full moon I hadn't even seen the ocean yet. But otherwise, this was my view. NOT BAD to say the least.  Now I have gotten out and I have to say my new home is beautiful. I can't wait to get familiar with the people and learn more about the islands then what is on the tourist brochures.  Waikiki  Windward Side of the Oahu And boy did my Muse wake up here!!!!

I am on the move...

 After months of being laid off, even pre COVID, my DH has finally gotten a job. So we are temporarily moving. I quit my day job and have packed my bags and now I am heading out to meet up with him in Hawaii.  Oahu here I come :)  The best part is I can focus again on my writing. :) 

SEDUCING SARKA by Dominique Eastwick

SEDUCING SARKA by Dominique Eastwick An ancient vampire awoken too soon… For sixty years, Lord Draven le Werreur has slumbered sick of the world around him. But when he is awoken the Shield, as he is known, must right a wrong done to his people. But the world has changed, and nothing is as it appears. A woman scorned… One of the most powerful witches of her time, Sarka Rowan now lives far away from the bustling society she once called home, content to hide out on the island resort of the Wiccan Haus. She has little interaction with people, and that is exactly how she and humanity prefer it. But when a gorgeous vampire steps through the portal, he will force her to question who she is as she fights for those she loves. Can Sarka prove Sage and Rekkus innocent of the crimes they are accused of, or will she lose everything as outside forces work to tear her world apart? Things are never easy, but this might prove too much even for the Rowans. Welcome back to the Wiccan H