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Come Meet Syndie Wilder from Forever Love: by Melissa Keir

        Thank you Syndie Wilder for coming to chat with us today. Why do you think Melissa Keir choose you to represent her? Melissa’s a nice person but she’s artistic like me which my sisters would say is flighty. Maybe she just couldn’t get away. Hopefully she is busy working!   Tell us a little about yourself? Thanks for asking. I’m a jewelry designer recently from Chicago. My jewelry business recently became relocated back to Ohio so I could take care of my ailing father. He’s had health issues and since I’m the oldest of his daughters, it was only fair, right? Well, honestly I had the job that would allow me to return to Amherst and look after my dad.   What is your birth date? Wow, nosy much? You know that a girl doesn’t like to share her age. I’m a Taurus though.   Where do you live? I currently live with my dad in Amherst. I know it’s depressing moving back into the same home you’ve grown up in. I even sleep in the same room. But with

Naughty New years Hop

Happy 2013. Where the heck did 2012 go?  So its time to make the resolutions... loose weight, excersise more, eat better.  I wish I never quite get those done. I am a bit on the naughty side when it comes to needing my chocolate. For me this year its about getting things done...Finish my Sherman Series for one. Killing Lucas is still in edits, I have some reworking to do. I am currently working on Spencers Chance. No telling what that boy will get up to when I am done. Then there is Taming Trent which to be honest isn't going very far yet. He is still trying to tell me his story. I also have a few more shorts I am working on. Another 2 Finally Ever Afters. One will be a stand alone the other is another Sherman Cousin Short and yes you see the Shermans you love again :) Last but not least is The Wiccan Haus which is close to my heart. I am currently plotting my next three storys. Though I doubt any will be done soon and only one for 2013. CONTEST What are