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HAPPY 1st Book Release day M. Limoges

Is there anything more exciting then your first book release?  I can't think of one (Author wise) that can compare. Congrats to my fellow Black Hills Wolves Author.  Here is to many happy releases and a ton of best sellers. Claiming Hi s Mate By M. Limoges A Black Hills Wolves Novel         Member of the Black Hills Pack in Los Lobos, South Dakota, Jace Matthews is sent to check out the new owner of a piece of land adjoining his pack’s. Once he steps into her small bookstore in Collins, he’s taken by surprise by the small, prim woman behind the counter. At once, he recognizes his mate. While the wolf inside urges him to complete the bond, Jace knows he must take his time with his human mate. But when danger arises, threatening Michelle’s life, Jace is done waiting. It’s time to claim his mate. After she inherits her aunt’s property, Michelle Sanders moves to Collins, South Dakota, to escape the monotony of her routine life. Unfortunately, the only person sh