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24 Hour Challenge accepted and a Wiccan Haus to boot.

The highly talented and ever in need of a mend to her bucket Olivia Starke issued the following challenge last night Dominique Eastwick you have been challenged! You have 24 hours to write a 2000 word short story. Whatever you like is perfect with me because you are awesomesauce. Here's my story…/challenge-accept… Should you fail this challenge you face: Public admission of failure (yikes!) My big sad puppy dog eyes (double yikes) No spanking from Anastasia Vitsky and forced to write an ode to her spoons. ... Should you win: You'll be acknowledged as the freebee super queen. A great big virtual hug from me. Your choice between an ecopy of The Baby Contract or an ARC of Heart's Paradise when it comes available. The undying loyalty of your devoted readers. You'll also get to issue your own writing challenge to an unsuspecting writer! I accepted and have written a quick 2000 word Wiccan Haus Short story. Becaus

I came I saw I made the Fudge and....

IT WAS GOOD!!!!!!!!! I saw this on Facebook and decided to try it...I can't make candy to save my life. Much like my character Rowena (but I can bake). Anyway I made this and it's simple and easy and yes its Way YUMMY!!!!!!! Here is the Recipe from ALLRECIPE.COM                          3 cups semisweet chocolate chips 1 (14 ounce) can sweetened condensed milk                                                                        1/4 cup butter                                                                        1 cup chopped walnuts (optional)                                                     ADVERTISE WITH US ADVERTISEMENT    Directions Place chocolate chips, sweetened condensed mi