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Welcome to the In The Pages of a Good Book One Year Anniversary Blog Hop & Facebook Takeover!

This years blog hop theme is Friendship.  My writing started with friendship me and my best friend in ninth grade sitting with tons of note books writing in round robin style. That's when one or more authors write a section and pass it along for the next author to take over. Nothing ever came of those books but it did get me started. So many of my books revolve around friend ship. A new series I am a part of the Cookie Club series is just that. A group of witchy friends who send cookies to each other once a month to stay in touch. The first book in the series Hot Burning Love is not available. Rowena may be the best witch of her generation when it comes to crystals and their healing power, but keep her far away from the oven. No matter how hard she tries, there is no way to break a curse decades old that prevents her from baking anything at all. And she, as well as her five witch friends, have tried it all. So, every month, at cookie club time she buys her cookies to

New Release from Olivia Starke

Cindy has but one request for her two new partners—spank me. Recently divorced, Cindy is ready to kick start a new life in a huge way by fulfilling her kinkiest fantasy—being bound, spanked, and used for pleasure. Through a friend, she finds the perfect partners, a sultry English vixen and her gorgeous partner Cindy only knows as “Master. Cindy has never mixed pleasure with pain, nor has she ever dared explore her craving to taste another woman. Once she crosses that tempting line, there’s no going back. Will she have the courage to say “Yes, Master”?   Cindy picked up a wide wooden paddle and tested its weight in her hand. A tremor of excitement passed through her. She’d never taken this avenue for sexual pleasure. Definitely not with Jake the Jerk. He would’ve at best laughed, at worst tried to commit her to an institution. Cindy dropped the paddle back onto the table. Handcuffs hung from the wall nearby, and in the opposite corner sat a strange contraption she did

Cover Reveal Lily and the Duke by Helen Hardt

Lily and the Duke  by Helen Hardt Cover Reveal Hosted by: Bare Naked Words       Sex and the Season One Wiltshire, England 1845 Lady Lily Jameson is thrilled to attend a house party given by Daniel Farnsworth, the Duke of   Lybrook, but not because he’s the most eligible bachelor in the peerage. Her only interest is his famous art collection, which reputedly includes a painting by her favorite artist, Jan Vermeer.   Daniel, duke only by virtue of the untimely deaths of his father and older brother, wants nothing to do with his new duties. He’d rather continue his rakish ways. When he finds the lovely Lily sneaking   around the property in search of his art collection, sparks fly. Despite her father’s wishes, Lily has no intention of marrying. She wants to travel the world to gain real life inspiration for her painting and writing. And what could be better worldly experience than a passionate affair with the notorious Duke of Lybrook? But cir

Now Available 21 1NS romance stories for 99 Cents

Includes the stories: To Feel Again by Valerie Mann (M/F Contemporary) The story that started it all: Jackson Castillo doesn't have time for dating, Leah doesn't have time to wait. Broken by Diane Alberts (M/F Military) Is one night enough for Tiffany to convince Matt that she doesn’t see a crippled man when she looks at him…but a war hero instead?   Panties Optional by Stephanie Beck (M/F Contemporary) Forever isn’t on Sam or Maggie's minds, but maybe it doesn’t have to be. Caught Offside by Liz Crowe (M/F Cougar) A love of soccer may unite former international star Ramon Castillo and casino catering manager Gillian Winter, but their deep personal wounds won't allow for a real connection until Madame Eve works her magic. Erotic Healing by Becca Dale (M/F BDSM) “Together we will convert your discomfort to pleasure...before the sun rises, you will know exquisite satisfaction." One Night with the Bride by Sara Daniel (M/F Contemporary) Can a 1N

21 1NS Stories for 1 low price

Look at all you will get for 99 cents.... With the following Authors   Jennifer Probst Diane Alberts J.M. Madden Valerie Mann Kate Richards Stephanie Beck Liz Crowe Becca Dale Sara Daniel Dominique Eastwick L.J. Garland Desiree Holt D.L. Jackson Taryn Kincaid Mahalia Levey Rebecca Royce Virginia Nelson Heather Long Olivia Starke Kali Willows Jessica Subject

4 Stars for Strawberry Kisses

What a lovely surprise... it's always nice to get a review on a book, yet somehow sweeter when the book has been out for a couple of years. Madame Eve has done it again. Although short in length as all 1NS stories are, Strawberry Kisses does not disappoint. Mia was endearingly clumsy and Gavin dashing and handsome. These two characters deserved each other. An accidental meeting sets off a series of wants and desires for both characters that luckily works out in their benefit thanks to Madame Eve. Although the concept is for the parties involved to spent 1 night together and hopefully make a connection, anyone familiar with the series knows that Madame Eve is never wrong in her matches. Mia and Gavin are likeable characters. Far from explosive at first site, their first accidental meeting and everything that led up to their date was sweet in a way that not many short romances are. Rather than rush in to the sex, Eastwick takes the time to build some intimacy between the ch