4 Stars for Strawberry Kisses

What a lovely surprise... it's always nice to get a review on a book, yet somehow sweeter when the book has been out for a couple of years.

Madame Eve has done it again. Although short in length as all 1NS stories are, Strawberry Kisses does not disappoint. Mia was endearingly clumsy and Gavin dashing and handsome. These two characters deserved each other. An accidental meeting sets off a series of wants and desires for both characters that luckily works out in their benefit thanks to Madame Eve.

Although the concept is for the parties involved to spent 1 night together and hopefully make a connection, anyone familiar with the series knows that Madame Eve is never wrong in her matches. Mia and Gavin are likeable characters. Far from explosive at first site, their first accidental meeting and everything that led up to their date was sweet in a way that not many short romances are. Rather than rush in to the sex, Eastwick takes the time to build some intimacy between the characters and the story is so much better for it.

I am a great fan of the 1NS series and have discovered quite a few new authors due to this series. Dominique Eastwick has just become the latest addition to my list of authors to follow. This short and incredibly sweet romance is a great addition to the 1NS series and I can’t wait to read more by this author.

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