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This years blog hop theme is Friendship.  My writing started with friendship me and my best friend in ninth grade sitting with tons of note books writing in round robin style. That's when one or more authors write a section and pass it along for the next author to take over.

Nothing ever came of those books but it did get me started.

So many of my books revolve around friend ship. A new series I am a part of the Cookie Club series is just that. A group of witchy friends who send cookies to each other once a month to stay in touch. The first book in the series Hot Burning Love is not available.

Rowena may be the best witch of her generation when it comes to crystals and their healing power, but keep her far away from the oven. No matter how hard she tries, there is no way to break a curse decades old that prevents her from baking anything at all. And she, as well as her five witch friends, have tried it all. So, every month, at cookie club time she buys her cookies to the thankful cheers of the others.

Caine has fantasized about Rowena and her curves since they met years ago while she visited her best friend at the college they both attended. When a job opportunity comes up in her home town it’s too much of a temptation to resist. After all, when you want something for so long, a man just has to go for it.

When passion flares, can love fight the dark magic swirling around them, determined to break them, or will the fires that burn in the kitchen burn them as well.

The bell chimed, alerting them to a customer in the retail area. A moment later the door to the workroom swung open and in strolled the woman of his dreams. Although older than when he had last seen her, she looked better than he remembered. Her fire-red hair swung loose to her waist and the tight V-neck sweater emphasized her ample breasts. His dry mouth stopped anything he might have said.

“I swear I thought this would be the freaking month I could bake some cookies without burning them.”

Brianne laughed, grabbing a pile of packages from the shelf. Handing over the cookies, she shook her head “You’re my best customer. Why would I want you to succeed now?”

 “Bri, damnit, just to bake a dozen cookies it’s all I…Hello.”

Brianne rolled her eyes. “Oh, right. Row, you remember my friend from college, Caine. Caine, this is Rowena.”

 “Caine, what a pleasure to see you again.”

 “Same here.”

 “What brings you to Bakersville?”

 “He is applying for one of the openings at the Inn.”

Rowena’s brows shot up as she looked him up and down. He felt like a lioness’s next meal, but he wanted nothing more than to be devoured. “Now that is the best news I have heard all day.”

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