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Meet Taryn Kincaid's Hero Bhyrn Raines

Today I am thrilled to have Bhyrn Raines here with us from Taryn Kincaid's HEAT WAVE!   Thank you for coming to chat with us today. Why do you think Taryn chose   you to represent her?   I’m a freakin’ handsome devil, at least in Taryn’s mind. Probably in Zena’s, too.   Um, I guess that should be demon, not devil.   Tell us a little about yourself? I’m a fire-sex demon and an enforcer for the Succubus Queen. Or, at least I was until I defied the queen for Zena. My baby makes me crazy. So does breedspawn, a mating frenzy that strikes male demons in their prime. Oh. I’m still a fire-sex demon. Whether I’m still an enforcer remains to be seen.   What is your birth date?   Yeah, so…I’m a demon. We don’t exactly do birthdates. I’m probably pretty old compared to you. In human years, I’d be in my early thirties. Maybe you want to throw me a party? I don’t get many of those. None, actually. Although…nights with Zena are hella celebrations.   Makes me

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Charmed By Cate Masters

Charmed The Vitruvian Man, book 2 By Cate Masters Dark fantasy/paranormal romance Coming Aug. 30, 2013 Decadent Publishing Blurb Brought together by accident, bound by fate—and magic.  Love works its charm over Bruno DiCesare and Melina Weaver during his transformation from beast to man. But love likewise blinds them to the secrets each holds. Bruno thinks his secret will devastate Melina. Melina’s afraid Bruno will hate her for what she’s become. Neither guess the greatest danger lurks outside their door – and will force them to decide between love and life itself. Excerpt Wow, so fast . Melina held Bruno’s hand until his grasp went slack. The treatment seemed to take effect almost as soon as he’d swallowed it. He shouldn’t react immediately; his body should be able to handle it better by this time. Unless Eldie increased the dosage? Suspicion drew her gaze to the bottle. Of course she couldn’t tell by sigh

Reflection Blog Tour Character Interview with Bridget

Reflection Blog Tour August 5th - September 30 Erotica Elene Sallinger Released - September 2013 ***Thank you for coming to chat with us today. Why do you think Elene chose you to represent her? I think Elene chose me because she knows that I'm always putting my best foot forward. No Southern belle worth her salt is going to fail to be anything other than mannerly and genteel. ***Tell us a little about yourself? Well, I'm from Charleston, West Virginia, but I left to go to college in Chicago and haven't been back other than to visit family. I'm currently a Chemistry professor at Pinewood University in River Rock, Vermont. Describe yourself in five words. Fiesty, friendly, passionate, cautious, reserved What is your birth date? ( Historicals this is a good lead in for your’s, Contemps I recommend having character refuse to answer ) Sugar, that's not a

Squeeee Lookie what I found in today's ARE Newsletter

I learned a long time ago to never say 'it couldn't get any worse' since it usually does get  significantly worse. Apparently Lucas has also learned this. After his home is burned down and Kiloran comes forward saying it might be her stalker, the two of them are forced to be together in an attempt to bring this person down. Not only does Tony get involved, so do Spencer, Trenton, brother-in-law Hunter and even FBI Agent Vassar. I will admit I didn't like Kiloran at first, but as I read more about what really happened I began to like her. She's stronger than she seems and seeing as she's been dealing with this for years she is good at putting up a show of strength. Lucas doesn't know what to do about this. He's still wildly attracted to Kiloran but doesn't want to get back together with her, as she killed his heart.    With all the angst between the two we also have several attempts on lives, the entire Sherman family support, a knife attack,