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Finishing a series.

So I actually did it I finished a series. Can you believe it?  I can not. Anyway so here is the forth installment in the House of Lords series. A series that was never meant to be one. But none the less became one. When I wrote Duke and the Virgin. I never expected it to be anything but a one off. A dare to place the Decadent publishing 1 Night Stand series into the Regency time period. But it did well and my publisher asked me to write more so the men in the mysterious poker game came to life and now all four have their stories. It's bitter sweet to end a series and say goodbye to characters that I have enjoyed getting to know. But its also comes with a sense of accomplishment. I actually finished what I set out to do. We may see these men in the background should I venture back into this genre again who knows. For now enjoy the final installment. :) Love doesn’t come easy and sometimes when it does come it isn’t strong enough to weather the storm. That is what Jo

Amazing voice for Earl and Virgin Countess

Thrilled to have Rebecca McKernan voice my third installment of the House of Lords series:)