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Interview with Kinnik Watkins

HOT FUN IN THE SUMMERTIME by Chicki Brown On Kindle and Nook: & Seven very different singles – four women and three men – rent a New Jersey beach house for the summer: author Shontae Nichols, self-employed accountant and realtor, Linda Harris, Linda’s sister, hip-hop video dancer Kinnik Watkins, cosmetologist, Jovita Blassingame, Calculus professor Curtis “Doc” Whetstone, actor and drama instructor, Kip Lee, and new housemate, up and coming film actor, Devon Burke. During their two month stay, romances bloom, friendships are tested and when a tragedy strikes one of the housemates, they all learn the answer to the age-old question: Can men and women ever be just friends? Interview with Kinnik Watkins, the female antagonist in HOT FUN IN THE SUMMERTIME I have been invited to Beach Haven, New Jersey to the house where Kinnik Watkins and her friends are spending the summer. To give us some privacy, we cross the beach and sit in the g

Interview with a Vampire with Jennifer T. Alli

Interview with a Vampire. I suppose I should tell you a little about me. My name’s Jennifer T. Alli, feel free to call me Jen J. I write paranormal romance novels and am getting quite prolific. Not anywhere near as many as Kresley Cole or Gena Showalter who I adore, but still…I have 5 books under my belt and a sixth on the way. I realised the other day that I’ve written over half a million words and I think anyone would agree that’s a lot. I’ve been writing for quite some time, initially I kept my writing private but then I discovered the internet and made everything public. The internet is awesome and I met some lovely people by posting my work online but after 3 separate cases of plagiarism I decided to start self publishing and so here I am. I think that’s probably quite enough from me we’re here to have an interview with a vampire not listen to my ramblings. If you’ve not read anything in my Elemental Passions series then I suppose I should introduce you to Lucian. I still don’t

Love Talk with Adora Smutz By Jean Joachim

Love Talk with Adora Smutz Another revealing  character interview with Adora. This week Adora interviews, Mac Caldwell, hero of Now and Forever 1, a Love Story: Adora : So, Mac, hunky guy, how are you today? Mac : A little annoyed, Adora. Danny Maine said he got his name in the title of his book by sleeping with Jean. Well I've been sleeping with Jean for a much longer time and I don't have my name on a book though she said she would! Adora : Really, Mac. Grow up. Jean is telling you what you want to hear, just to get at your hot body. And it is hot, I'll admit that! Mac : *blushes* Thanks, Adora. She has actually said I'm her favorite hero. Oh, don't tell Callie about Jean and me. I haven't slept with Jean since I started sleeping with Callie. Don't want to get them confused, Jean might write Callie out of the next book and I'd be a horny and frustrated guy. Not to say I don't love Callie... Adora : Yeah, yeah Mac. We get it. You love Calli

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to all those this year who have supported me and made me laugh and think this year. I appriciate you all and hope to have a NEW Sherman book to you very soon. Be Safe and Much Love Dom

Save the HOKIE Bird

SAVE A TURKEY: GOBBLE A BOOK BLOG HOP TOUR (NOV 14-21) Welcome to my hop!!!!! So one of the best parts about Thanksgiving in our house is the fact that my husband is a Virgina Tech Hokie. For those of you not familiar with what a Hokie is, it's a Turkey. Now why oh Why would a school have a turkey as their mascot when they know they will be playing on Thanksgiving day?...Just sayin. Yes when the turkey comes out or gets stuffed or any number of things that happen to the poor bird on turkey day my hubby has to hear about it. TEE HEE. Anyway here is what I am thankful for this year. I am thankful for my family and friends. I am thankful that I still have a home in this economy. I am thankful for my fans that keep buying my books and I am thankful for the encouragement I get from so many to keep writing. I am also thrilled to have a new release It's a shared world series, meaning that the  setting remains the same and there are characters that will weave in and out of a