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Navy Brat Proud and True...

Hi all welcome to my blog hop stop for the  Musa Memorial Day Hop. Yes I am a proud daughter of a Navy man. My dad is and will always be my hero. I, to this day, remember saying goodbye to him for his deployments on the Southpac tours. 9 month deployments to Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong where he lived on a big aircraft carrier and we, his family, awaited for him anxiously stateside. And yes he was on this <------ big boat pictured here the CV-64 USS Constellation or the Connie for short. When you are young 9 months is an eternity. Okay it still is an eternity even as an adult. But he missed on birthdays, games, school plays. All in service to his country and to keep us safe. Did I miss him...hell yeah. Would I have him give up serving his country to be with us? Not in a million years. So Dad I don't think I say it enough THANK YOU and I love you. I raise my glass of MEAN TEA to you and to both my grandfathers who bravely served in WW2. Now I am embarrasse

And the Winners are...

Joanna and Laurie You get to choose on of the following books :) Congratulations and thanks for hopping...

Dom's Sinful Siren Stop

Welcome to My Stop on the Sinful Siren Blog hop. I couldn't believe my luck when I had just finished my book about a Siren who is a repeat guest at the Wiccan Haus. Serena has some issues and only the siblings at the resort for spiritual healing can help. Unfortunately nothing is ever easy and Serena is stuck on the island with and ex lover, his new mate, 4 wiccan siblings, a card reading gypsy and Kaleb a rescue swimmer for the Coast Guard who is both the last thing she needs and the only thing she wants. What if having sex with the man you love would in the end kill him. Yet the fates keep throwing you into his arms? And just what if that man is there the heal because his best friend was killed by a Mermaid? Whats a poor Mermaid to do? Siren's Serenade will be the 4th book in the Wiccan Haus series. A shared world series from Musa Publishing that takes place off the coast of Maine. Where paras and human heal side by side but the humans just don't kno

The Wiccan Haus has a new blog :)

If you enjoyed the Shifting Hearts and want to follow the comings and going of the Wiccan Haus and get to know its staff head over to the Wiccan Haus Blog :) And check out both books now available at Musa Publishing.