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Wild Wicked Weekend and fun had by all...

I was lucky again to be able to go to the Wild Wicked Weekend in San Antonio Texas. It's a great con for getting to know other authors and readers in a small more laid back setting. For me it was a chance to have my first author signing. I also got to hand with ladies I love and respect. I highly suggest start saving now for this con they are capping it at 150 participants keeping it small and intimate. Congratulation for Sheila from Two Lips Reviews for winning my gift bag :) If you are thinking about going check out the fan page on Facebook to keep up to date on the goings on.

Explaining the Sherman Series.

Yea and finally a new release.... For those of you new to the series. The Sherman's are a well to do Boston family with a very large family tree. We first meet them in Hunting J.C. With Hunter and Jacinda's Book. All the Sherman Family Series  books are full story's of at least 50,000 words or more. They are in order Hunting JC Tony's Haven Killing Lucas Spencer's Chance (almost completed) Taming Trenton (WIP) All the Sherman Cousins Short Stories  Books are short stories of about 10000 words. (hence the 99cents price), in these books we meet more of the family with a taste of the other Sherman's thrown in for good measure. Why do the short stories?  It takes a while to write and edit the longer books this gives fans and readers a chance to get a little taste of the Sherman's in between the big books. They are ... Kissing the Bridesmaid Kissing the Tycoon Kissing the Special Agent *(WIP) Each of the Books can be read indiv