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Alright here are my top 5 horror Movies that scarred me for life. (seriously)


I know really, yes I laughed but when the Spider was in the popcorn I left the theater,
And they broke the Cardinal Rule of Horror films they killed someone under the Blanket. Even Jason didn't take on the Blanket.

When a Stranger Calls.

Are you kidding me I didn't ever babysit again.

Have I checked the children? HELL NO

The Omen,

What isn't scary about a demonic child out to kill everyone?


Anyone who doesn't get a little creeped out in the ocean didn't see this, or like me didn't see it then fall a sleep on a water bed to be woken up screaming by a Cat jumping on the bed.

And the Number 1 is also one of my favorite, though one of the worst book adaptations ever!!!!!!!


Need I say more.

Honorable Mention: I would have put Red Dragon or Silence of the Lambs on this list but the movies didn't scare me but the Books scared the crap out of me.

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  1. The spookiest thing for me lately has been those damned japanese style horror movies with that jerky movement crap. EWWWW! But Zombie movies have always bothered me more than any other type of horror.

  2. Hi, Dominique. You cracked me up with this post. I had to share your comments with my wife, they were so funny!!
    I still have never seen "Arachnophobia". I've got to check that out. I've seen everything else on your list. Good choices.
    Nothing else stays with me worse than "The Exorcist", not that I watch that many horror films.
    Enjoy the hop! It's still early yet. My post will go live in 4 hours.


  3. If you want to talk scary films, I'm your man. Can I make any suggestions? :)

  4. C.W. haven't tried the Japan ones yet cuz well I am a chicken.

    Jimmy glad you enjoyed the blog will head over to yorus this afternoon.

    Luke remember I am a wimp I spend most of my time peaking out of my fingered chanting why do I do this to myself over and Over. Make your suggestiongs but I can't promise I will watch them LOL

  5. What about The Exorcist?? I can't even watch that on TNT!! LOL!!

  6. I really, really, really don't like to be scared. So, I haven't seen any of these and don't plan to! In 6th grade, I was still scared watching Scooby-Doo. Yep, I'm a chicken and don't feel any need to earn my badge of bravery. You're in good company, Dominique.

  7. For horror with a British sense of humour, try Shaun of the Dead and Dog Soldiers. For Japanese horror, try Ringu (not the dreadful remake) and for a nicely atmospheric ghost story, go for John Carpenter's The Fog.

    There's some gore in the first two but it's tempered by black comedy.

  8. Sara.

    You can share my Blanket :)


    Exorist didn't scare me too much, I don't play with the boards so I am safe LOL


  9. What do I think makes a scary movie? Something with just enough plausibility that it keeps me up at night. Haunted house movies are my favorite for that exact reason. It's also why I'll never buy a really old house.

  10. Friend on FB(sue brandes)
    Follow on GFC (katsrus)
    What makes a scary movie?
    It doesn't really have to be gorey. It's the fear factor of not knowing what is going to happen next. Like in The Shining(my fav)Jack Nicolson looked like he could kill someone. It was so creepy. When there is such evil that it is believable. Love the original Halloween movie. Still creeps me out and I have see it like a million times. LOL. Thanks for the giveaway.
    Sue B

  11. Friend on FB: Mary Preston
    Follow: Mary Preston

    Suspense makes a great scary movie. I don't need the blood & gore, just let my imagination take over.


  12. Hi Dominique;

    For me a scary movie is all about building tension. I also choose The Shining as my #1 scary film. That movie (and the book for that matter) freak me out! John Carpenter's The Thing is tied with the Shining at #1 though. Both films have great characters and a spine-tingling build up of tension!


  13. What makes a scary movie. When there are things happening that you know could really happen that makes it believable. The movie that scared me the most was the original black & white version of "Night of the Living Dead". I think something like that could happen in real life what with all the bio-engineered viruses that could be unleashed on us.

    Thanks for the chance to win.

    Already follow blog (Nay Nay), and friends on FB and Goodreads (Renee Bennett)

    reneebennett35 at yahoo dot com

  14. Great post! Most horror movies don't bother me, but when I was a kid, 'Nightmare on Elm Street' scared the pants off me.

  15. Arachnophobia scared the crap out of me! Thanks to that movie I am now terrified of spiders *shudders*

    I am already friends with you on Fb and following you here.
    I think what makes a movie really scary is when 1. it makes you think.. you know it has that "what if" factor. or 2. crap constantly jumps out at you lol.

    Thanks for the chance to win (at)

  16. The last film I saw that keep me on the edge of my seat was the original version of The Manchurian Candidate, which I saw about a year ago.

  17. Girl, I can't watch scary movies. I mean, I do, but they mess with me so badly. DEMONs are the worst.

  18. Pleased to 'meet' you! I must admit I prefer psychological horror to slasher horror, although I think THE SAW series was gory and brilliant. I like films that make you look over your shoulder after watching it, something with an ending that resonates with you such that you leave the light on during bedtime.

    THE RING (original Japanese version) did that to me. Now when I watch it, I laugh, but the first time I saw that woman climbing out from the TV screen, I was glad I didn't have a TV set in my bedroom!

    Coffin Hopper

    Read my Coffin Hop post HERE

  19. Depends what you are afraid of. Build up is big for the startle factor--but then there is the insidious little stuff that sits in your brain...

  20. Well I have a few that are really scary for me. Though 28 days later scared the crap out or me. Stephen Kings the Shining with Jack Nicholson, also IT had me scared shirtless of Clowns ever since.
    TY! For the giveaway chance! Cheers!!!
    DeAnna @SacredmOOn1

  21. It's always the scenes where things or people pop out of the shadows that get me. I jump every time.

  22. the best scary movies are ones that make you jump, scare the crap out of you. a movie that makes you keep thinking about it, even after youve watched it. one movie that scared me to death was the exorcist. anything that can make me it! happy halloween! thanks for the awesome giveaway!
    gfc- shadow_kohler

  23. Luke beat me to "Dog Soldiers." Really good.

    Also the first "Alien" movie is darn scary and the opening sequence of the first "Scream" totally got me.


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