Meg Embry Reclaims the Vale Valley

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A Vale Valley Solstice Romance


Being last in his family to be officially mated is a sore subject for Kaspar Kauffman.

After finally, moving out of his parents’ house and into his own apartment, he thought things would finally fall into place. 

Hopefully, starting with a more exciting love life. But between his on again, off again secret heat sharing with the guy he’s loved his entire life, one very out of character one-night stand, and a positive pregnancy test, Kaspar regrets every wish he’s ever made about that.

Roe Avett wants a simple life—run his pottery business, visit his family, and continue to keep his carefully crafted peace intact.

The one exception in his life is Kaspar—the squirrel shifter has a way of getting under his skin and into his heart in the most tempting way, leading them down a path to sharing their heats and ruts together.

But Roe’s worries about maintaining his peace after a past tragedy and keeping his friendship intact with Kaspar are made two-fold after it’s revealed he’s pregnant.

Even more worrisome? Kaspar isn’t sure the baby is even his.

Reclaim is the eighth book in the fifth season of Vale Valley, but can be read as a standalone. Spend the season with the magical and mythical inhabitants of Vale Valley, and fall in love with the small town full of wonder, love, and enchantment.


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