EE Silver makes us all Lucky in Love

 ðŸ€ Make your own luck! 💕

🍷 A winery ready to grow

🐑 Married omega babydoll sheep shifters

🐕 Their hot older alpha employee

 ðŸ›Œ A bed too small for three men

I think you know where this is gonna go…

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He’s 🍀

His husband is 🔮

And their alpha 💗 them both.

Two omegas and one alpha? Sounds like a recipe for 🔥

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🍷 The only thing they love more than wine is each other, and a run of bad luck might take all of that away from them. Can the three of them take charge of their fate and make their own luck together? 💕

🍀  Get it from Amazon and Kindle Unlimited!


Alpha shifter Javi never thought the best thing that could happen to him would be getting lost on his way to a job interview. But when he winds up in a small town full of shifters and magic, he knows this is where he belongs. And when he meets the two omegas who own the local winery, he can’t help but think they belong with him, too. Too bad they’re already married--to each other.

Felix has always been content to let his supernaturally-good luck guide him through life, with occasional nudges from his husband Ty’s psychic visions. Everything works out in the end, even when it starts in tragedy. But when he and Ty meet a gorgeous, grumpy alpha in need of a job, Felix no longer wants to wait for fate to play out. Not when Javi could be the answer to so many of their prayers.

But before they can figure out their personal connections, there’s trouble in the air. A series of mysterious accidents threaten to derail the success of Felix and Ty’s winery, escalating quickly from minor inconveniences to serious danger. With every penny they own invested in the winery, failure would mean being forced to leave Vale Valley, and Javi, for good.

Lucky in Love is part of season five of Vale Valley, where happiness, success, and families come from good fortune just as often as from hard work.




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