South African Wednesday Recipes with Inge Saunders

Recipe: Melkkos (Milk-food), My Winter Staple.

South Africa has a lot of traditional dishes that we eat during the cold winter months, from spicy Breyanni with its Malaysian influence, to Melkkos which originates from Dutch settlers in the Cape of Good Hope.

Today I’m sharing my personal favorite, Melkkos.

This recipe is super quick and easy- 13 minutes to be exact. Prep time’s about 5 minutes and cooking 8.

For this fun & hearty meal you’ll need 2 liters of milk, 300 ml cake flour, 5ml salt, 15ml margarine or 15ml butter and cinnamon sugar.

Now for the cool part where I mess with my fingers in flour *grin*

Sift the flour and salt together, and then rub in margarine/butter until it’s a fine crumbled texture.  

Now bring milk to a boil on stove. Add your flour mixture while stirring (that’s important!). It will form lumps, but keep stirring well.

When the mixture thickens and starts making ‘bubbles’, it’s done!

You serve the dish with cinnamon sugar on top. This makes a delicious dessert or light meal.
Serves: 3-4.

Inge Saunders fell in love with books when she started reading romance novels with her grandmother. Intrigued by the worlds books unlocked, it was inevitable she would take pen to paper.
At age fourteen she wrote her first novel which wasn`t such a roaring success according to her brother. Not discouraged, she realized something fundamental: as a writer you can only write about what interests you, a principle she still upholds in adulthood.
When she`s not writing about that ‘inexplicable attraction’ she`s reading almost every sub-genre in romance out there, spending time with friends and family and taking hikes in her hometown`s National Karoo Park.
She forms part of Romance writers` Organization of South Africa (ROSA) and currently has two books out with Decadent Publishing; Falling for Mr. Unexpected and new release Dance of Love.



  1. Even though I'm South African, I've never tried this. I'm keen to try it out tomorrow night. Looks like a great pudding for a cold night!


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