Character Blog Hop with Haven Pelletier

Last week we put Tony Sherman under the gun this week its time to get to know his heroine Haven Pelletier ...

Thank you for having me here, I have to admit to being a little nervous I am still getting used to being in the Spotlight.
Sorry to be harsh here but I have to ask: what was the appeal of you ex-husband? Honestly I think it started as a crush, the big man on campus liked me, wow he liked me. He was gorgeous and at first charming and fun to be with. He changed slowly but then so did I, I was shallow and self centered and so I wasn’t looking for a great deal of depth at the time. I got what I was looking for a pretty package with not a lot of substance to it.

            You talk about how he was always on you about your weight, when you were smaller no less. Yet this was the man who was supposed to love you? Umm… I have always struggled with my weight, I was never the tiny skinny girl and he honed in on it. Made it the button to push. He was very good at making a dig but making it seem like it really was all your fault. It was subtle at first and sometimes when you in the middle of it you don’t know how bad it is.  The person I am now wouldn’t have stood for it that’s for sure.

            Did you really have no idea about his cheating? Even when he stopped being interested in you and withdrew from you after becoming pregnant?  Hindsight is always 20/20 and yes I should have known but I really didn’t know. I really had no idea, right after it happened I kept thinking I should have seen the signs but he really was that good at keeping it hidden. And I really did think he stopped being physical with me because of my weight, but its all good I heard his new wife is pregnant, should be interesting to watch if he does to her what they did to me. That wasn’t kind was it?
How did you let your husband get all the money? I mean, a good lawyer should have been able to get at least some of it back?  I signed a prenup. Stupid huh?

Along those lines- if your ex-husband kept most of the money and barely gives child support, why are you letting him, or his parents, have visitation of your daughter when he doesn’t really want to see her?  I wish there was more time to give to explain-- his parents they have always been good to me, And they love Joce and she loves them. Bruce only wants his rights to piss me off, and he pays exactly what the courts told him too not at penny or gift more. But she barely knows my mom and every child deserves to be dotted on by loving Grandparents. His parents actually were supportive of me after he left. The only bad thing about Bruce leaving me was that I don’t get to see them much.
As far as him seeing her goes, the court believe a bad father is better then no father and so for now, until I am on my feet I bite my tongue and endure the few times a year he takes her for the day.

            Wouldn’t his attitude be more harmful then his not seeing her at all? I know Joce knows he doesn’t really care, but again he usually only takes her when his parents are in town so they make up for it. If he ever hurts he,  this mama bear will show her claws.
After your husband ‘dumped’ you, you went to stay with your parents for a while. Then your father ended up dieing. This is so hard to deal with on top of everything else. How did you cope? Did you have help, especially after your mother moved to Florida?  I think the baby was a blessing to my father in the end and for awhile my mother but she was so sad after he died and I couldn’t take care of her and the baby so when she left although it was hard I managed. I coped because I didn’t have an option not to. If I started to cry or fall apart I don’t thing I would have been able to stop.
How did you get the job at OMG advertising? I started as Data entry through a temp company and have slowly worked my way up. Very slowly.
What are you going to school/taking night classes for? I assume to further your career, but what in, are you going for a degree?  I am trying to finish my Bachelors degree. I stopped College to marry the bone head and still had a few more years to go. I am getting my degree in Business with an emphasis in marketing.
You seem to dress more to hide how you look (mouse-y cloths and demure make-up & hair). Is there a reason why? Lack of money more then anything else, my clothes are usually second hand and the pickings in this economy at second hand stores can be slim for someone my size. But I guess its a waste time fancying myself up when I barely have time to get done what I need to get done in the day already.
You haven’t dated since your divorce. That is a long time to be alone. Why not? Too tired and no time. Okay and really there hasn’t been anyone to make me want to date again.
When Tony shows up about your request for the promotion, you are almost hostile to him. Why? Is there more here than just issues with good-looking charmers?  When Tony first showed up I knew if he was there to speak to me about the promotion I didn’t stand a chance, so my hackles went up. I also thought at the time he was nothing more then a pretty boy with a lot of high powered influential people behind him, and yes Bruce has jaded my feeling on pretty playboys.
Why do you let Tony talk you into posing as his girlfriend for his family ski trip?
            You let him do this before you realize there is more to him than just the playboy image everyone sees, so…
I knew that getting the promotion was going to be difficult and watching him in the office showed me that I like everyone else didn’t have a clue as to how talented a man he was. So if he thought he could help and I get a weekend skiing into the package, it was too tempting to say no.  
What did you think of the shopping trip Tony took you on (to outfit you for the weekend)?  The first time or the second, the first outing I nearly called the whole thing off and I did give him a piece of my mind. He took me to a couture boutique that didn’t have a dress beyond a size 4 let alone one that was a size 18.  I was fit to be tied. No one had humiliated me about my weight since my marriage and I was damned if it would happen again. I was just about to say something when Tony spoke up and rode in like a knight in shining armor. (Of course he caused the whole mess so it’s only right he fix it.) Because he genuinely was contrite and really did tell the skinny bitch off I let him take me out again. That time I felt like a princess. I have never felt so spoiled and just having clothes that made me feel attractive again was wonderful. And the coat he bought me really was the icing on the cake, did you see the coat I was wearing hideous…really really hideous.
What do you really think of Tony’s family?
            Are they as supportive & loving as they seem?
They really are that nice but like any family I think there is a lot under the surface that they aren’t showing anyone.

            But they are clueless about Tony, aren’t they? I can’t fault them on that he should be awarded an Oscar, he is so good at fooling everyone. I think they want to know him but he isn’t easy to get to know. Well get to know what’s under that handsome faรงade. Although I do wish they would try a little harder. It saddens me that they can’t see what a truly wonderful man he has become.

            And is it just me, or was Spencer, Tony’s older brother, hitting on you? (Blushes) I don’t know what you are talking about, please don’t say that where Tony can hear you.
You don’t let Tony meet your daughter for quit a while. Tell us why (I do understand, but some might not). Tony can charm the socks off anyone. And I knew that as soon as she meet him she would love him and I just didn’t want to see her get hurt. Its one thing for me to get my heart broken another for her. I wanted to protect her if I could.

            Why do you finally let them met, what does Tony do to let you feel comfortable with him meeting your daughter? He put me in front of himself, he didn’t push and when he told me why he is so protective of his family I knew he would protect her too. He would protect her better then even I would. I needed her to see that there we good men out there.
Tony does get under your skin fairly quick. Do you see this going anywhere? I don’t know.  I hope so. (bite her lip) Its very hard not to want more with him.

            Why do you insist on keeping your ‘relationship’ a secret?  I don’t want people to think I am with him to get a promotion and I don’t want to become gossip column fodder or be known as one of his lady friends. That wouldn’t be fair to Joce. It’s hard sometimes dating a man as good looking as he is, knowing everyone is saying he could get a cover model.  Besides what we had I wanted to keep between us it seemed more special somehow.
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  1. Very insightful interview. Relationships can be so confusing, eh?

  2. This is great! All the questions I wanted to ask while reading the book and more. Thank you, Dominique.


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