Meet the Owners of the Wiccan Haus Spa and Resort

Meet the Owners of the Wiccan Haus Spa and Resort

The Wiccan Haus series revolves around the Rowan Siblings.  2 Sisters and 2 Brothers who run a healing spa for Paras (what those working at The Wiccan Haus refer to the Paranormals as) and Humans (who many have no idea that Paras really exist)

The Sisters

Sarka Rowan is the Alchemist - Though her arts are more directed at the paranormal in need of potions for one reason or another, she has been known to assist the rare human. She absolutely won't create a love potion or bring someone back from the dead. Neither ever works out well. She is dark and her style is very Goth. Though not a vampire, she has been mistaken for one on more than one occasion. This pisses her off because she hates vampires with a passion, especially after having a bad relationship with one. Sexuality: unknown but believed to be bi-sexual
Sage Rowan is the Herbalist - her gift is the ability to know just what herbs she needs to add to the client’s shakes, foods, candles and soaps to help with their need to heal. She is sunny and always cheery. Her style is very bohemian-meets-flower child. Sexuality: straight
The Brothers

Cyrus Rowan is the Retrocog - when he touches an item, he is able to see the past of the current owner. Very handy when they find an item and do not know who it belongs to. He is uncomfortable with his gift and uses it very rarely. He wears gloves so as not overwhelmed with information from items he touches. He is broad in stature and acts more as the bouncer and peace keeper than an active member of the healing troupe. His wardrobe consists of black jeans, black combat boots, black T-shirts and black glasses. Sexuality: straight

Cemil Rowan is the Empath  - Though he can sense a person’s feeling from a great distance, even through the phone while taking reservations, his true powers come when he can physically hold the hands of the person he is trying to heal. Cemil is more whimsical than the others. His style is bright and fun. But don’t let the whimsy fool you: this man can take down the largest of werewolves—um, wolves if the need arises. Sexuality: gay

Though these characters wont have there own story at least anytime soon they will help to weave the stories that different authors write together. 

If you are an author interested in more information about writing for the series please email me at wiccanhaus (at) Musapublishing (dot) com


  1. I still plan on sub'ing to this sometime in the near future! What an exciting story idea :D

  2. I really enjoyed reading Shifting Hearts. I loved meeting the four Rowan siblings, and I'm excited to revisit them and give readers a chance to revisit them as I write for the Wiccan Haus series. I love this rich world, full of possibilities and potential conflicts. Thanks for bringing it to life, Dominique.


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