Not all Pirates are Sexy...

Dear Ebook Pirates,   

Not all Pirates are sexy.

I am not flattered you are downloading my stolen books for free. I do not get a great big advance and I count every penny my book sales give me. You would not steal a paperback off the shelf so why do you think it's okay to steal my pdf.

I have spent all morning requesting my books be removed from your sites, and yes my time is precious. And now the count is over 10000 of my books being downloaded for free. And don't tell me those people wouldn't have paid anyway. If they didn't want to pay for the book they shouldn't have stolen it. And if they can afford the computer, nook, kindle they need to read it on they can afford the 2.99 if cost to buy my book.

Thank you


  1. I so hate hearing this :(
    I hope there is a solution someday.

  2. Sorry to hear your book was pirated, but I love this response. You're right, if they can afford a computer they can afford a 2.99 ebook.

  3. Hear hear! Well said, Dominique.

  4. So, so frustrating. A couple of weeks ago I called about 8 major authors to action over a website with hundreds of ebooks for free download. The site owner even said on the sit that it wasn't a copyright violation. In what reality?? Needless to say the site is gone.

    If you can't get the individual/site owner to take your stuff down, track down their ISP. ISPs don't want lawsuits, and they will shut the whole site down to avoid them. If you're not sure who the ISP is, look up the domain in Whois, or just email me. I'm on the DP list. I'll find out who it is ;)

  5. Couldn't agree with you more Dominique. I've found no less than a dozen sites with only 3 of my books, and some downloads indicate "thousands" of downloads. Not likely, but if so, I'd like to see the theiving pirates experience a little just karma, maybe then they could appreciate why it upsets copyright owners so. Having a similar chat with hubby the other day, fellow students are downloading torrent versions of textbooks and he refused to, told them, hand over your wallet, I'll take 75 % of your cash, and you should be fine with that, because "I'm not hurting anyone"

  6. String 'em up! This is bullsh*t. So sorry you have to pursue these creeps. There is a population out there who can't produce anything: neither art, nor craft, nor beauty of any kind on their own, so they have to steal. Pathetic trolls.

  7. Nothing worse than a thief. Such little, little minds.
    Hang in there, Dom.

  8. It hurts those of us who purchase e-book legally as well. Keep up the good fight.


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