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A mate who doesn’t remember him…
Chad Kodiak has everything he could want in a mate. She is as beautiful as she is kind. For seven long years, he lives on the island housing the Wiccan Haus, guarding and protecting. Hoping one day his mate might remember who he is.
Memories long repressed…
Sage Rowan loves her life. She loves the island and loves helping people. Years have passed since tragedy hit her family, and she has finally found peace. Or so she thinks until a trip to a sweat lodge reveals memories long suppressed. Can she trust those around her or the life she has led?.

Can a bear shifter protect what is his without ever letting on they are mates? Or will the forces working against them force his hand too soon. Things are churning around them, and only they can make it happen.

Welcome back to the Wiccan Haus



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