Hi my name is Dom and I am a Marching Band MOM

So here I am needing to write with a ton of things I could write about but as always I have volunteered my services else where... this time to the all time sucking MARCHING BAND.

Learn to say no... everyone tells me. Do I listen NO. I see pleading eyes and I say OKAY sure I can do it. DOH!!!

 Summer Band attire.

People warned me...oh how I was warned but I didn't listen. I mean how much time could they possible want?  Oh a lot too much really. So I have three more days of sewing  ahead of me. After spending the last week sewing. I some how managed to stay away from the Costume department. Funny as that's what my degree is in. But here I am working on Props and bags and trampolines. YES trampolines.

But all in all I am proud to be a Drum Line Mom. Now just to add those extra hours in the day so I can get everything done.
Here is hoping...RIGHT?


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