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I don't remember a time in my life when I didn't have a pet. And so it's only natural that I include animals in most of my books. In my latest release, Brianna, the heroine needed a special pet.

You see Brianna is psychometric--she gets information about someone or something by touching an object. It was because of this ability that a cat decided to adopt her. (Anyone who's had a cat knows the feline adopts the human and not the other way around.) But this isn't an ordinary cat. Portent is the physical manifestation of the  Egyptian goddess, Sekhmet.

So who is Sekhmet and why did I pick her?

She is usually depicted as a lioness, but more than that she is said to have created the desert with her breath. Brianna traveled to the desert to be cured of her Consumption (aka Tuberculosis). Naturally, Sekhmet took credit for Brianna's recovery. After all, healing is one of the goddess's powers.

But before you think either one is a push over, Sekhmet is the goddess of war and is often depicted in red clothing--the color of blood. A fact that helps my hero find Brianna in the middle of a sandstorm.

Sekhmet is also the protector of balance and justice. Being sick for so long, Brianna spent many years in asylums seeking a cure for her disease. Although only referred to in her story, the practitioners in such places sometimes tried to take advantage of the weakened patients. Neither Sekhmet or Brianna allowed such liberties. As a result, they usually were asked to leave.

Thanks to Sekhmet's protection and influence, Brianna is not a proper Victorian miss, nor is she willing to confine herself to socially approved pastimes. As you can imagine, our hero has his hands full with the duo, especially since Brianna has decided she wants him and isn't willing to take no for an answer.

Since the story featuring my Victorian heroine's journey to Egypt has been subjected to Murphy's Law, my publisher has graciously agreed to put the ebook featuring her parents' love story on sale until August 15th.

And as a special bonus for the blog tour, I have a free paranormal short story available here:

And lastly, on August 31st, I'll be giving away one Ankh necklace. To enter, send an email with the topic of today's blog to contests at lindaandrews dot net (placed in proper email format).


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