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Jason Bourne helped make me the writer I am today. I know it’s probably an odd statement to make, but hear me out.

From my 1st and only Disney movie as a child, The Rescuers, to my favorite TV show as a middle schooler, The A-Team, I was always intrigued by the good guys winning and the villains getting what they deserved. I grew up on suspense, and, unlike many romance writers, I didn’t start reading romance until I was in college. The stories I read then were good, but I often felt like they were missing something.

Shortly after college, I decided to try writing my 1st romantic suspense, and I focused on writing the type of story I thought I had to write, one with a heavy dose of romance. Of course, at times I had a blast, but I also felt caged into a specific type of story. For a while, I wasn’t sure I’d be able to complete a romantic suspense because I spent so much more time on the suspense angle and that’s where I was comfortable. Truthfully, I struggled with whether I could make it as a romance writer or if I even wanted to anymore.

Then came The Bourne Identity. Now, I’ll be honest with you. The initial draw for me was Matt Damon, but then I really got into the story and analyzed all different aspects of it. The character of Jason was so fascinating and so complicated. I mean, he was technically a killer, a villain, and yet here I was rooting for him to come out on top. But as I sat on the edge of my seat, I also found myself hoping and wishing he’d find his happily-ever-after with Marie. As much as the suspense kept hold of me, the romantic in me still sprung forward. I soon began to realize it was possible and permissible to have a great suspense story with just a touch of romance. It was like, at that moment, I finally had the “go-ahead” to write stories with as much or as little romance as I wanted.

After that movie, I no longer worried about too much or too little romance in my romantic suspense stories. I just wrote the stories that had to be told and played with various amounts of romance and suspense. In my current release, HER HIGHLAND CHAMPION, the emphasis is more on the romance than the suspense, but that’s okay with me because that’s the way my characters, Malcolm and Heather, demanded it be written. In my next release, FRACTURED PARADISE, suspense plays a slightly larger role, and in yet another current submission, the romance takes a back seat to the suspense. Nowadays, I’m so much happier as a writer because I’ve learned through the years that ultimately, the most important thing is writing the story I need to tell exactly as it’s meant to be.

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So thank you, Jason Bourne, for making me the writer I’ve always been meant to be.


  1. Alexa
    Great post, and just what I, as a beginning writer, need to hear write now. Thanks for opening up your writing world for us. I look forward to reading your books.
    Best Always

  2. Hey Alexa, nice blog. Inspiration is where you find it. Love the Bourne movies also, though for different reasons. The fight scenes are well done, and I don't find that always the case in movies.

    Thanks for the peek into your life and journey as a writer. I wish you much success with Her Highland Champion.

  3. Thanks, Jo-ann. I like to help wherever I can.

    Derek, glad to know they got it right. I too LOVE the fight scenes. I'm one of those rare women who would probably choos an action movie over a chick-flick.

  4. Ugh. Yes, I DO know how to spell. choose

  5. Great post, Alexa! To me, the hallmark of a really good romantic suspense is that perfect balance between the romance and the suspense so you don't feel shorted on either. As you pointed out, it's not always the same mix for every story.

    Can't wait for your next release!

  6. Alexa, I too tend to choose action/adventure movies and books over standard chick flicks. Would rather see the A-Team or Indiana Jones anytime. Must admit, I haven't seen the Bourne movies, though I read the books years ago. Will have to check them out. Glad you found them well done and inspiring. As Derek said, inspiration is where you find it. Best to you, your romantic suspense, and all your writing!

  7. Thanks, Irene!

    Pat, NEVER seen the Bourne movies???? Wow. Must tell you though, they're VERY different from the books. I've only read the Bourne Identity & that was after seeing the movie & they weren't alike.

  8. Great post!! Love the Jason Bourne movies! I haven't read the books, but I would like to.

  9. Hi Alexa,

    I think you're right about the constraints of genre boundaries, but fortunately there's a growing trend to blur the borders. It's also a great way of appealing to previously separate lists of readers. In the end, it comes down to living, breathing characters we can invest in emotionally. So, will you be watching the fourth Bourne movie that doesn't include Jason?

  10. Alexa

    Welcome to the publishing world. Nice post. Good luck with your book.
    George Wilhite

  11. Mel, I only read the 1st book. I bought the 2nd, but haven't read it yet. (Too busy writing!)

    Derek, at 1st I wasn't going to see Legacy BECAUSE there's no Jason and because I think they ended the trilogy perfectly. BUT I saw previews of Legacy when I went to other movies and now I think I will see it.

    Lizzie & George, thanks for stopping by and commenting!

  12. For me, Alexa, it's fantasy and romance that are the two elements that keep coming back together. Nearly everything I write has both in them--sometimes primarily fantasy with touch of romance, sometimes romance with a touch of fantasy. It's nice to know there are others of us who like to play with genre that way. And I do LOVE a fight scene--I just like mine with swords. LOL!

  13. Great post! Write the story as it's begging you to be written - that's probably the best advice any writer can heed. :)

  14. Arley/Leigh, if fantasy and romance keep coming together, then you MUST write them that way!

    Exactly, Zee! Trends come and go, and if you try to write something just because it's "trendy", you risk wasting time creating the story that touches you and will ultimately touch your writers.


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