Hoppy Easter

Okay welcome to my Easter Blog Hop stop.
Hoppy Easter Blog Hop
I have to admit I am keeping this stop short :) I am on my last day visting Ireland and completely forgot I had a blog hop tomorrow. If you haven't been to Ireland I highly recommmend it. The people are lovely, the food had been wonderful and the sites have been GRAND.
Here are a few pics from our trip.  Enjoy
The Giants Causeway AMAZING
The Cliffs of Insanity AKA Moher
Irish thatched roof cottage :)
*****Okay now contest time. *****
I am giving away one copy of any one of my books. You make take your pick at my Musa Book Page or My book at Decadent Publishing. Comment here Telling me your heat level and which book you would like to win and follow me here and friend me on facebook.

Also one lucky winner will win a $10 Amazon gift card all you need to do is also tell me where is your dream destination. :)

Sometimes Love comes in a package we least expect to find it in.

Tony Sherman may be a modern day Adonis and a well-known ladies' man, but hiding beneath his carefree, playboy persona is a man who knows how to be discreet. He keeps his desire to protect all those he loves from being seen by anyone, particularly his family. Fate intervenes when he uses his charm to beg a favor from a co-worker, a women as unaffected by his charisma as she is by his looks.

Haven Pelletier is anything but the kind of woman usually found on Tony's arm or in his bed. She's mousy and rubenesque, unmoved by his Adonis appearance. But when circumstances bring them together, she sees right through his tarnished armor—to the true man underneath.

As Haven learns more about Tony, she discovers a man who might just steal her heart if she lets him. Can Tony be the knight in shining armor Haven needs? Or will the secrets in his past keep them both from finding happiness?


To get your free copy click here.

Thank you for coming by and please continue Hopping to the other Blog Hops sites along the way for more chances to win. :)  Click the icon on the side of the blog to get back to your HOPS


  1. Well, let's see...my dream destination would have to be Australia....anyplace in Australia. I'd love to visit there and spend at least a month.

    kareninnc at gmail dot com

  2. My heat level is between 1 - 5
    The Book I would like to win is The Wiccan Haus 1: Shifting Hearts

    I'm a follower under anime earth
    friend on fb under Jessica Lew

    My dream destination is Japan because I would like to enjoy the cherry blossom with my sister who never been to Osaka and I would like for her to take a vacation with me soon before she overwork herself to death.


  3. I am so jealous right now!! Ireland has always been a dream to me...someday!!
    Heat level - is there a 10? lol
    Book - Shifting Hearts
    GFC - proudarmymom32
    FB - Sue Sattler

  4. Sorry I forgot my email address

  5. Dream destination would be Scotland
    Heat Level 1-5
    Book Shifting Hearts
    GFC JeanP
    skpetal at hotmail dot com

  6. My dream destination is Greece...anywhere and everywhere in Greece. I want to see it all from the ancient ruins to the clear blue waters. I can't wait. it's on my vacation list for Summer 2013!!

    I'm really interested in the Wiccan Haus Series...so I'm gonna have to say I'd like to read Shifting Hearts first...will you be adding more to this series soon?

    FB: Crissy MOrris

  7. I read all heat levels. The book I'd like to win is Shifting Hearts.

    My dream destination is Tuscany. I fell in love with it when I read Under the Tuscan Sun.

    Friended here and FB!

    Happy Easter!


  8. Please enter me for a chance to win The Wiccan Haus 1: Shifting Hearts. My heat level is 4+.

    Egypt is my dream destination.

    GFC follower = Juana Esparza

    FB friend = Juana Esparza


  9. I hae been to Ireland and I would LOVE to go back! It is so beautiful. I also want to go to England tho and visit all the places I have read about in my HR. Hope you had a great time! Thanks for the hop! Happy easter!

  10. My dream destination is Australia. My heat level is the hottest one you can find (5 & up).

    GFC Follower - Lisa G
    FB - Lisa George

  11. Forgot to mention that I'd like to read Hunting JC

  12. Shifting Hearts look great. My dream vacation would be Scotland! Men in kilts *sigh*! Thanks for the giveaway and Happy Easter

  13. You can't beat men in kilts, so Scotland might be nice. Have a Hoppy Easter. :) deb p

  14. I guess my dream destination would be the Big Island of Hawaii, in a great B&B we stayed in on our anniversary years ago. Love that place!
    Digicats {at} Sbcglobal {dot} Net

  15. Great pics. My heat level is 1-5. I'd choose The Wiccan Haus 1: shifting hearts. Thanks for the giveaway.


  16. my dream destination is Italy

  17. I would love to read SEVEN MINUTES IN HEAVEN.

    I'm not sure about heat levels.

    My dream destination would be EUROPE - all of it.


  18. I would love to go to Ireland or Scotland someday. My heat level is a high as it goes. I would love to read The Wiccan Haus 1: Shifting Hearts.
    GFC - Sherry S.
    Facebook - Sherry Strode
    sstrode at scrtc dot com

  19. I would Love to visit a lot of places but Italy & New Zeland are at the top of my list. Well besides a cruise in the Bahama's that my husband promised me next year for our honey moon that we never had. ;)

    Terri M

  20. I'd love to go to New Zealand. I've been in love with the countryside since LOTR. I don't think I have a heat level, I'm pretty much up for anything in my reading. So I'd pick Shifting Hearts (which is a 4).


    I've added you as a friend on FB (Dawn Murphy)and am following by email

  21. My dream destination is in Fiji. Swimming, laying in the sun (with a good book, of course), and staying on my own private island sounds heavenly!
    Thanks for the giveaway and hoppy Easter!
    lexie.bookbug at gmail dot com

  22. My dream destination is Lake Como, Italy.

    Thanks for the chance!

    spamscape [at] gmail [dot] com

  23. This comment has been removed by the author.

  24. This comment has been removed by the author.

  25. Have a happy Easter weekend. I would be very interested in reading Tony's Haven, I think I would enjoy it. Also my dream destination would be Australia, I've always wanted to go there. Oh, my heat level is HOT.

    GFC as seriousreader

    Facebook friend request sent as Linda Henderson

    seriousreader at live dot com

    Well let's see:

    1.)"Shifting Hearts"

    2.) Scotland. I need to check out the men's legs to see if they'll look just as good in kilts as their ancestors did. Well that what I always thought when I read my historical stories anyway.

    3.) Mid level. But I do love to read the spicy and extreme spicy stories. LOL ;)


  27. Heat level huh? The hotter, the better! Does that answer suffice? :)
    Would love to win Shifting Hearts!
    GFC: VanillaOrchids
    Facebook: Pam Rosensteel

    Happy Easter, and thank you for the giveaway!


  28. Ireland!? You lucky woman. My dream vacation would probably be Greece or New Zealand.

    Happy Easter! Hop, Hop, Hop...
    catherinelee100 at gmail dot com

  29. Thank you for the free read. My heat level is 5. My destination is Scotland then Ireland. Lovely photos, btw.
    Tony's Haven sounds like a good read.
    Seawitch Reviews @ yahoo.com

  30. Greece! I would love to visit Greece and I would love your hottest paranormal read!!


  31. Thanks for the giveaway! There are so many places I'd love to go, including Japan, England, Ireland, America.


  32. LUCKY!! You are where I want to be...Ireland. One day I will get there! One day...

    I love Shifting Hearts and can't wait to read the next one. Rekkus...*drool*

    bournmelissa at hotmail dot com

  33. My dream vacation would be to tour England/Scotland/Europe exploring all the old castles, buildings, and the cultures. I would love to do this for about 6 months, lol.
    GFC: June M.
    FB: June Manning
    manning_j2004 at yahoo dot com

    Happy Easter

  34. You lucky duck! I cant wait to visit Ireland. Thats one place that im dying to visit. Happy Easter! If i win, id love to have Shifting Hearts. And my heat level is: hotter the better! :) Thank you!
    gfc- shadow_kohler
    fb- shadow kohler
    twitter- LuvToRead09

  35. Just wanted to stop in say Happy Easter. I loved Seven Minutes in Heaven!

  36. I'd love to go to Scotland or Malaysia!

    elizabeth @ bookattict . com

  37. Those are gorgeous photos, Dominique! Glad you're enjoying your visit--Ireland is definitely one of my dream destinations! Australia is another :) (Something about those fabulous accents ;))

    We're already FB friends ;)

    I'd love to start your Sherman Series with Hunting JC.

    f dot chen at comcast dot net

  38. HI Everyone sorry for the delay, I just got back into the states and my head is finally screwed on right. I will send the list through random picker this afternoon and send out the winners :)

  39. HI Everyone sorry for the delay, I just got back into the states and my head is finally screwed on right. I will send the list through random picker this afternoon and send out the winners :)

  40. Okay My winners are... and since I am late I added three more winners of books :)

    For their choice of books.
    Karen H

    $10 Amazon gift card Fitchen1

    Congrats to all the winners :)


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