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Welcome to the Shameless Summer Hop. A big thanks to Red Hot BooksRomance Around the Corner and  Michelle's Book Blog hosting 

So with summer here I thought I would just relax and post some pics of what I love about summer :)

The Outer Banks

The Pool

The Red Sox...Diehard Sox Nation here.

Going up into the Blue Ridge Mountains

TruBlood and Alcide Grrrrr 

If you are looking for some books to for your summer reading list here is a Sample of Shifting Hearts... And watch for my new release on July 13 Sirens Serenade

Sometimes it takes losing everything to find the one thing you need.

The last of his kind…

Rekkus is the last of the great Black Tiger weres and he is happy to stay that way. Working as security for the Wiccan Haus, a magical spa for inner healing, he has enough danger – and women – to keep him busy. Unfortunately, the Fates are not content with him being comfortable.

Alone and discouraged…

Dana has walked away from all she has known, her fiancรฉ, family, apartment, and job. Now, having a ticket to the Wiccan Haus may be the only way she can move on. But what she finds isn’t what she expects, nor is it what she thought she was looking for.

Meet the unusual residents of the Wiccan Haus. The staff can get a little hairy and not all of the guests eat what’s served in the dining hall. But the proprietors always do what they can to make the resort into a place of healing and peace, using all of their years of practice. At the Haus, where humans and Paras reside side-by-side, everyone in need of the Rowan siblings’ services are welcome.



Rekkus paced in the shallow water. He ran his hand through his hair in a show of frustration. Just as her nerves didn’t think they could take anymore, he said, “Why are you here?”

“Myron told me to come here.”

He stopped pacing glared in the direction of where Myron would be then began to pace again. “Damn her. I spent all day avoiding you and she sends you right to me. You need to leave now.”


“It’s not safe for you here with me. I left you alone last night; if you stay I am not sure I can honor that request a second time.”

“I felt it too,” she blurted out, unable to keep it to herself any longer.

He moved so fast she never saw him actually take a step. All of a sudden she was wrapped in his wet arms, her breast pressed against his chest, making her now damp shirt cling to her body. His eyes searched hers. He must have seen what he was looking for, the desire she felt. Before she could form another thought, his lips were on hers in a feverous need. Demanding she open for him, and no part of her thought for a second to deny him anything. Butterflies churned in her stomach making her shake. She had never felt this; this fire that threatened to engulf her.

She wrapped her arms around his neck, running her fingers through his wet hair and deepened the kiss. His moan was all she needed to gather the nerve and strength to push him forward. She knew what he wanted. Knew what he most desired, because she wanted it to. She wanted him, all of him, every naked inch, right here, next to this lake not a ten minute walk from the Haus. Anyone could stumble across them and she didn’t care. It almost added to the allure of everything. What she needed it to be.

Something more than she ever knew she needed. He was pushing her past her comfort zone forcing her to accept there was a sexy seductress screaming to be let out.

Now Available at Musa Publishing :)

Too enter to win the ebook of  your choice from my back list please just tell me what you look forward too this summer, what book you want and follow me here.

Happy Hopping


  1. What I'm looking forward to this summer is my vacation from work and Starbucks' passion fruit shaken iced tea:) I would love to read... Shifting Hearts

    GFC Follower

  2. I am so looking forward to watching my daughter in her softball games.. I would love the book shifting hearts to read. Thanks

  3. I'm so excited about True Blood!!! It starts tonight! :)

    GFC Follower

  4. Would love to read Shifting Hearts...what am I looking forward to...swinging on the glider reading and no students ...

  5. I'm looking forward to True Blood. I'd like Shifting Hearts. Oh, and I'm a GFC follower. Thanks!


  6. I would like to read Shifting Hearts. Summer is not much different for me than any other season (except a lot hotter), so not really looking forward to anything special.

    GFC follower Lisa G


  7. I'm looking forward to catching up on my tbr is way outta control!!! I would love Shifting Hearts.

    gfc Andrea Wardlow

  8. I get to go on a vacation to visit family.

    Thanks for participating in the hop and for the giveaway opportunity. If I were to win, I would choose Shifting Hearts.

    GFC: Sophia Rose

  9. I always look forward to some beach time during the summer. Love your post, I always enjoy some nice eye candy. :} Enjoyed your excerpt, thanks for sharing.

  10. Oh the beach! I love going to the beach every chance we get.

  11. Thanks for sharing the excerpt, I enjoyed it.
    Have a great summer!

  12. Just stopping by to say hi, Dominique! Not entering the contest.
    Everyone should read Rekkus' story! I loved it!! ;)

  13. I'm looking forward to being able to go to the beach. I can't wait for the next Keri Author book.

  14. Thank you for the great giveaway! Im looking forward to reading more this summer. I would love to read Shifting Hearts sounds so good!


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