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SHERMAN CURSE? The Chance that nearly wasn't

Today saw something happened that I was unsure would ever take place. The release of Spencer's Chance. Spencer for those of you unfamiliar with my Sherman series is the eldest of the four brothers. He is strong (as all Shermans are) but not the same as the others, Tony is strong in his need to protect, Lucas in his need to fight for those he loves, Trent in his need to save, so that leaves Spencer the one who is strong in holding it all together.

In Hunting JC he is the one to pick JC up when she is out her lowest, in Tony's Haven he is there to pick up Haven when Tony hurts her. But it was in that story that Spencer took a different trek for me. He fell in love with his brothers girlfriend. I hadn't planned that. No in fact my whole plan in Tony's Haven was to show the readers who hated him in Hunting JC the amazing and complex man I knew Tony was but that I failed to portray in the first book.

But there it was Spencer was moving out of character. He was, in fact tel…

Spencer's Chance


Recipe Wednesday Light Pasta Sauce by Viki Lyn #foodie #Recipes

by Viki Lyn

I was raised in a family of chefs. My grandfather left his hometown in Italy as a young lad, and crossed the Atlantic Ocean during the early 20th century. From New York City, he boarded a train to California. He had work lined up in San Francisco as a sous chef in a prestigious hotel where he learned his trade.

My father inherited my grandfather’s love of food and was an excellent cook. My father never measured anything, so when he wrote down a recipe it was a pinch of this and handful of that.
This recipe is all about a pinch of this and a handful of that. You can add whatever you have in the fridge…be creative…and have fun.

Light Pasta Sauce

Start with simmering garlic in olive oil. Stir occasionally. Adjust heat as needed so you don't burn the garlic.
Snoop around your vegetable bin and decide which veggies to use. The only essential vegetable is the tomato!

I’m partial to my old standbys:

Mushrooms Fresh Tomatoes Zucchinis Red Bell Pepper
Chop the veggies, …



Willow Bissett, a fashion photographer, has had enough of the career that’s blackened her soul, and wants out. Her passion lies in taking pictures of nature, and she’s determined to make a living from doing it. When she stumbles upon a gruesome scene in the Black Hills Forest, her life is forever changed.

Greyson shouldn't be alive. As the runt of the litter, his mother left him to die in the wilderness. Picked up by Drew, son of the Alpha, he is adopted into the Tao Pack. Rather than living a charmed life, he lives his days alone, tormented by his abandonment and his unique appearance. His soul yearns for acceptance, peace, and closure.

Willow could be the answer to Greyson’s prayers, or the very death of him.

“Are you a fugitive from the law?” He bared a perfect set of pearly white teeth any mother would be proud of and chuckled. “No. And I’ve never been arrested, either. You can relax.” “So,” she pressed on, breathing easier once again. “You have a thing against t…