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The Romance Review Sizzling Summer Reads

Come join the summer fun. Games, prizes and getting to know new authors....What could be better?

How does Lord Simon James Winston, seventh Marquis of Breckinridge hear about Madame Eve's 1 Night Stand Dating service?

They learning about her through a poker game :)

Meet the House of Lords

The DUKE His Grace Wolfe Thane, Duke of Foxhaven (The Duke and the Virgin) The MARQUIS Lord Simon James Winston, Marquis of Breckinridge (The Mistress and the Marquis) The EARL Lord Andrew Masterson, Earl of Windenshire (The Earl and the Virgin Countess)

The VISCOUNT Lord Jonathon Railey, Viscount of Aunton (The Viscount and the Heiress.) Buy LinksAmazon Decadent Barnes and Noble ARe

Summer is almost here!!!

Welcome to the Summer Blog hop!!!!

I have to be honest I am on the count down because before the hop is over I will be Knee deep in the water somewhere... KEY WEST my home town.

So I will keep this short and sweet. :)

If you are looking for something to read while on the beach Something short and maybe not so sweet check out my two new releases. :)

Looking for Something a Bit longer Check out the Jimmy Buffett Loving Shermans. Or perhaps something with a little bite is more your style? And keep a look out for my latest book...Coming Soon Book 2 in the House of Lords series. Sequel to Amazon Best Selling book The Duke and The Virgin The Marquis and the Mistress You can find all my books here. Amazon/ BN /aRE To enter to win a free ebook. Please leave me a comment with which book you would like, your email so I can add you to my newsletter and send you your prize. :) Where you can Find Dominique



Cerise DeLand does 2 men at once…again in BIND ME CLOSE!

You like more than one man? Ah. Who doesn't?

I give you lots of them in my EC series KNIGHTS IN BLACK LEATHER series in the little Texas town of Bravado!

First, we had ROPE ME IN when one woman found bliss with 3 brothers. Then, TIE ME DOWN where a shibari master learned that the woman he wanted most, he'd tie down...permanently.

Then we had the prequel to all this in STEAL ME AWAY when a Comanche stole an Anglo woman and kept her as his loving wife!

Now we have BIND ME CLOSE with Sheriff Wade Saxon, a man who never lets any woman bind him...and who doesn't believe in sharing a woman with another man.

Too bad, isn't it, that the one woman he craves wants menage with a man whom Wade doesn't care for. The men have a past. One wherein Giles Benedict, the local doctor, got too close for comfort to the only other woman Wade liked.
You'll want this next story in the town where the men are good and plenty and the women wear only a smile!

Goddess of the Hunt by Becky Flade

Covert Passions
Goddess of the Hunt
by Becky Flade
Codename Diana
CIA field agent Paige Aster hides a cunning intelligence and lethal skill behind a mask of golden beauty. It serves her well as she moves from one undercover assignment to the next.
Current Mission
Retrieve a stolen United States military defense program from a terrorist cell in Dublin, Ireland, before they trade it to Islamic extremists in exchange for munitions. Her only back up on this time-sensitive mission is a deeply embedded MI-6 operative.
Her Asset
Eoin Fitzpatrick has sacrificed everyone he holds dear to bring these terrorists to justice. He’ll sacrifice Diana, too, if she threatens to compromise his mission or his cover. He has orders to do just that – his agency is only doing hers a favor.
Compromised or Comprising?
Paige expects danger, but welcomes passion—taking her pleasure where and when it’s offered. She’s not prepared for the effect Eoin has on her. Or what happens when she surrenders to him—Paige burns for E…

The Wiccan Haus Series


Parker's Passion FROM SABRINA YORK

Sabrina York's Parker's Passion.  First I have to admit that I simply adore Sabrina York's writing and have loved all the books in the Tryst Island series so far. So I was excited to get a chance to review the 6th in the series. This one follows Kaitlin "the Psychic" but there is so much more to it then that. She is so in tuned with the feeling of others that she can read them. And then there is Parker who is scarred in so many ways he has cut out the world. A healer and one who needs healing could there be a more perfect team. This like the other books I have read by Sabrina York is wonderfully written and the words just seem to flow off the page. This is not an easy book to read. When scars so very deep the pain is deeper. Sabrina makes the reader feel their pain, some part I found it hard to breath for Parker. If you are looking for a book that is an emotional ride, I highly suggest picking this one up. But I do suggest reading the others in the series first …

Blood and Magic by Ann Gimpel

Blood and Magic

By Ann Gimpel

Publisher: Taliesin

Release Date: 5/1/14

Genre: Dark Paranormal Romance

63,000 words

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Can Luke conquer his past and claim the only woman he’s ever loved?

Magic didn’t just find Luke Caulfield. It chased him down, bludgeoned him, and has been dogging him ever since. Some lessons are harder than others. Luke survives by embracing danger and upping the ante to give it one better. An enforcer for the Coven, a large, established group of witches, his latest assignment is playing bodyguard to the daughter of Coven leaders.

Abigail Ruskin is chaperoning a spoiled twelve-year-old from New York to her parents’ home in Utah Territory when Luke gets on their stagecoach in Colorado. A powerful witch herself, Abigail senses Luke’s magic, but he’s so overwhelmingly male, she shies away from contact. Stuck between the petulant child and Luke’s raw sexual energy, Abigail can’t wait for the trip to end.

Wraiths, wolves, and humans with dark …