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Sara Daniel has a new BOOK :)

Phone Interview with Willow Jefferies and Colin Vanderhayden
from Captivating the CEO
By Sara Daniel

Let’s start with an easy question. What’s your favorite color?
Willow: I didn’t have one until I met Colin. Now I’m partial to blue. I’m sure it has nothing to do with the Colin wearing a blue tie every day.

A blue tie every day. Hmm, so that must be your favorite color, Colin.
Colin: Actually, I like hazel.

The exact shade of Willow’s eyes. Interesting coincidence.So, I’m curious. What do you each do?
Willow: I’m a massage therapist.
Colin:My massage therapist. I’m a CEO. I don’t have time to leave the office. In fact, I really don’t have time for this interview. I’m expecting another call any second.
Willow: He’s always on a call or doing some sort of work. Life is passing him by while he works himself to death in that office. Sometimes, I just want to disconnect the phone and show him the fun he’s missing.
Colin: I’m planning for the future.

What do you think he should be doing instead, Willow…

Love me some Karl

Thank you Nulli :)

Hi my name is Dom and I am a Marching Band MOM

So here I am needing to write with a ton of things I could write about but as always I have volunteered my services else where... this time to the all time sucking MARCHING BAND.

Learn to say no... everyone tells me. Do I listen NO. I see pleading eyes and I say OKAY sure I can do it. DOH!!!

 Summer Band attire.

People warned me...oh how I was warned but I didn't listen. I mean how much time could they possible want?  Oh a lot too much really. So I have three more days of sewing  ahead of me. After spending the last week sewing. I some how managed to stay away from the Costume department. Funny as that's what my degree is in. But here I am working on Props and bags and trampolines. YES trampolines.

But all in all I am proud to be a Drum Line Mom. Now just to add those extra hours in the day so I can get everything done. Here is hoping...RIGHT?

Falling into Romance Winners

Winners are Eve Millien and Nicki B.

I will be contacting you this afternoon :)

Thanks everyone who come and hopped.

Falling into Romance Hop... and who doesn't love it?

Look you found me!
Welcome and thank you for taking time to keep hopping along this awesome hop. So many new authors to read and enjoy. I think my list is only going to get longer but I never complain about that :)

I have recently discovered the Amazing author Cate Masters. How I didn't know about her before now I have no idea, but now that I do I can't get enough. She writes strong characters you can't help but love and vivid scenes that you can lose yourself in. So check her out...You won't be sorry. I PROMISE.

The Vitruvian Man, book 2
By Cate Masters
Dark fantasy/paranormal romance

Decadent Publishing
Brought together by accident, bound by fate—and magic.Love works its charm over Bruno DiCesare and Melina Weaver during his transformation from beast to man. But love likewise blinds them to the secrets each holds. Bruno thinks his secret will devastate Melina. Melina’s afraid Bruno will hate her for what she’s become. Neither guess the greatest danger lurks ou…

We are a Hopping

Make sure to check out this awesome hop...

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4.5 stars from Night Owl Review for Strawberry Kisses

Yet again Madame Eve made a match worth waiting for. However Mia is afraid that Gavin will not want a relationship, so she flees their hotel room while he is sleeping. Will he read her note and follow how to see her again? Will Mia be willing to open up and accept his love? The title definitely made sense once Madame Eve delivered strawberries to their hotel room. I very much enjoyed Strawberry Kisses. It’s a 4.5 star read and another to add to your must read pile. Strawberry Kisses is and erotic romance for those who like it hot! ~Night Owl Reviews

The End...

So happy after a whole summer of not getting any writing done. Some for reasons that were personal and some professional it was a dry season for my muse and I, but tonight I finally typed the words THE END.

The actual written end to Kissing the Tycoon Although the book was in a notebook since July this was the first time I had to get it into the computer and I never consider a MS done until I have it in the Computer. :)
So now to do a round of edits before I send Kissing the Tycoon off to beta and then off to my editor.

Kissing the Tycoon is the second Sherman Cousin Short Story.