Sunday, August 31, 2014

Welcome to the In The Pages of a Good Book One Year Anniversary Blog Hop & Facebook Takeover!

This years blog hop theme is Friendship.  My writing started with friendship me and my best friend in ninth grade sitting with tons of note books writing in round robin style. That's when one or more authors write a section and pass it along for the next author to take over.

Nothing ever came of those books but it did get me started.

So many of my books revolve around friend ship. A new series I am a part of the Cookie Club series is just that. A group of witchy friends who send cookies to each other once a month to stay in touch. The first book in the series Hot Burning Love is not available.

Rowena may be the best witch of her generation when it comes to crystals and their healing power, but keep her far away from the oven. No matter how hard she tries, there is no way to break a curse decades old that prevents her from baking anything at all. And she, as well as her five witch friends, have tried it all. So, every month, at cookie club time she buys her cookies to the thankful cheers of the others.

Caine has fantasized about Rowena and her curves since they met years ago while she visited her best friend at the college they both attended. When a job opportunity comes up in her home town it’s too much of a temptation to resist. After all, when you want something for so long, a man just has to go for it.

When passion flares, can love fight the dark magic swirling around them, determined to break them, or will the fires that burn in the kitchen burn them as well.

The bell chimed, alerting them to a customer in the retail area. A moment later the door to the workroom swung open and in strolled the woman of his dreams. Although older than when he had last seen her, she looked better than he remembered. Her fire-red hair swung loose to her waist and the tight V-neck sweater emphasized her ample breasts. His dry mouth stopped anything he might have said.

“I swear I thought this would be the freaking month I could bake some cookies without burning them.”

Brianne laughed, grabbing a pile of packages from the shelf. Handing over the cookies, she shook her head “You’re my best customer. Why would I want you to succeed now?”

 “Bri, damnit, just to bake a dozen cookies it’s all I…Hello.”

Brianne rolled her eyes. “Oh, right. Row, you remember my friend from college, Caine. Caine, this is Rowena.”

 “Caine, what a pleasure to see you again.”

 “Same here.”

 “What brings you to Bakersville?”

 “He is applying for one of the openings at the Inn.”

Rowena’s brows shot up as she looked him up and down. He felt like a lioness’s next meal, but he wanted nothing more than to be devoured. “Now that is the best news I have heard all day.”

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Monday, August 18, 2014

New Release from Olivia Starke

Cindy has but one request for her two new partners—spank me.

Recently divorced, Cindy is ready to kick start a new life in a huge way by fulfilling her kinkiest fantasy—being bound, spanked, and used for pleasure. Through a friend, she finds the perfect partners, a sultry English vixen and her gorgeous partner Cindy only knows as “Master.

Cindy has never mixed pleasure with pain, nor has she ever dared explore her craving to taste another woman. Once she crosses that tempting line, there’s no going back. Will she have the courage to say “Yes, Master”?

Cindy picked up a wide wooden paddle and tested its weight in her hand. A tremor of excitement passed through her. She’d never taken this avenue for sexual pleasure. Definitely not with Jake the Jerk. He would’ve at best laughed, at worst tried to commit her to an institution.

Cindy dropped the paddle back onto the table. Handcuffs hung from the wall nearby, and in the opposite corner sat a strange contraption she didn’t recognize. Made from black steel, it looked something like an easel with straps for binding. Moisture flooded her pussy as naughty ideas of what it was used for filled her mind. Not that she would find out tonight. She’d requested only one thing.

The spanking bench loomed in her peripheral vision.

She jumped when a door opened against the back wall. Her heart stuttered, and a surge of nervous energy made her legs go weak. In walked a man and a woman. The man dropped a duffel bag next to the wall, and Cindy wondered what it held. She swept her gaze over the two quickly, taking in their attire. Wow, she was seriously underdressed. Heat spread from her chest up into her cheeks, surely coloring her a nice shade of scarlet. Second thoughts didn’t begin to describe what was rushing through her mind like a broken rollercoaster on a downhill track.

“Hello, Cindy,” the man said in a deep rich voice that made her quiver.

His blue-eyed gaze devoured her from head to toe. He was barefoot and dressed in jeans and a white T-shirt stretched snuggly across a vast expanse of chest. His shaggy sandy blond hair gave him an Adonis charm.

Her breath caught in her throat. He definitely didn’t look the part of Dom. She’d imagined someone dark and brooding, not California cool.

He nodded to his companion. “This is my partner, Isabelle.” Isabelle flashed a smile showcasing perfect white teeth. “It’s a complete pleasure,” the woman said with a decidedly English inflection. Lustrous waves spilled over her shoulders with the perfect blue-black sheen of a raven’s wings, while her onyx gaze reflected the flirtatious upturn of her lips. Dressed in a fitted red knee-length dress that accentuated her ample God-given curves, she was an olive-skinned Aphrodite.

Little plain Cindy Barrett was in the company of the gods. She swallowed over a hard lump of indecision, ready to run like the weenie she was. Who was she to upset the balance of the universe? She’d played the meek role of prude extraordinaire for so many years. Why not let the streak continue? She took a step backward. Isabelle and the Adonis glanced at one another.

The Adonis chuckled. “Come now. You’re not backing out on us, are you?” His southern twang spoke of Alabama or Georgia heritage. “I’m afraid my dear Isabelle and I would be completely heartbroken.”

“Will you help us fulfill our fantasy, Cindy?” Isabelle purred with a picture perfect pout. Her gaze roamed over Cindy.

This was wrong, a fantasy simply too wicked to carry out. Everything she had been taught growing up in a conservative Kansas town screamed in the forefront of her mind. The flames of hell licked at her heels for even considering this avenue of kink. Her heart thumped, ready to burst from her ribcage.

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Friday, August 8, 2014

Cover Reveal Lily and the Duke by Helen Hardt

Lily and the Duke

 by Helen Hardt

Cover Reveal

Hosted by: Bare Naked Words

Sex and the Season One
Wiltshire, England 1845

Lady Lily Jameson is thrilled to attend a house party given by Daniel Farnsworth, the Duke of  Lybrook, but not because he’s the most eligible bachelor in the peerage. Her only interest is his famous art collection, which reputedly includes a painting by her favorite artist, Jan Vermeer.
Daniel, duke only by virtue of the untimely deaths of his father and older brother, wants nothing to do with his new duties. He’d rather continue his rakish ways. When he finds the lovely Lily sneaking  around the property in search of his art collection, sparks fly.

Despite her father’s wishes, Lily has no intention of marrying. She wants to travel the world to gain real life inspiration for her painting and writing. And what could be better worldly experience than a passionate affair with the notorious Duke of Lybrook?

But circumstances may change the game and the players…and danger lurks, as well.

Helen Hardt is an attorney and stay-at-home mom turned award-winning author. She’s been writing stories since the first grade, when her aspiring writer father encouraged her and gave her a small metal file cabinet with “Helen’s Story Box” written on it in permanent marker. She began her first novel, a young adult romance, in the eighth grade. Although it will never see the light of day, she still has the manuscript that she typed on the old IBM Selectric.
She stopped writing to attend college and law school. She met her real-life hero in law school, and they live in Colorado with her two teenage sons. Helen writes contemporary, historical, paranormal, and erotic romance. Her non-writing interest include Harley rides with her husband, attending her sons’ sports and music performances, traveling, and Taekwondo (she’s a blackbelt.)

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Now Available 21 1NS romance stories for 99 Cents

Includes the stories:

To Feel Again by Valerie Mann (M/F Contemporary)
The story that started it all: Jackson Castillo doesn't have time for dating, Leah doesn't have time to wait.

Broken by Diane Alberts (M/F Military)
Is one night enough for Tiffany to convince Matt that she doesn’t see a crippled man when she looks at him…but a war hero instead?

Panties Optional by Stephanie Beck (M/F Contemporary)
Forever isn’t on Sam or Maggie's minds, but maybe it doesn’t have to be.

Caught Offside by Liz Crowe (M/F Cougar)
A love of soccer may unite former international star Ramon Castillo and casino catering manager Gillian Winter, but their deep personal wounds won't allow for a real connection until Madame Eve works her magic.

Erotic Healing by Becca Dale (M/F BDSM)
“Together we will convert your discomfort to pleasure...before the sun rises, you will know exquisite satisfaction."

One Night with the Bride by Sara Daniel (M/F Contemporary)
Can a 1Night Stand reunite Caroline with her first love, Javier, or will he see only her deception, leading one night with the bride to sever their ties forever?

Strawberry Kisses by Dominique Eastwick (M/F Rubenesque)
Can two introverts gamble on love and win..with the help of Madame Eve and a bowl of Strawberries anything is possible.

Dead or Alive by L.J. Garland (M/F Suspense)
She’s a bounty hunter on a mission...but when she captures her man, will she shoot him or kiss him?

Night Mission by Desiree Holt (M/F Military)
For Navy SEAL Gabe Walker his one night stand with Maggie Fitzpatrick might turn out to be his hottest mission yet.

My Boogie Woogie Bugle Guy by D.L. Jackson (M/F Military)

Can Frank, an Army trumpet player, win the heart of Grace Daniels and convince her to give love with a soldier a chance, or will he be playing Taps before the date even gets started?

In From the Cold by Taryn Kincaid (M/F Paranormal)
When Geneviève Mortimer encounters a burned-out spy unaware of his true identity—everything the demon-hunting will-o’-the-wisp most despises—can Madame Eve work her special romantic magic on the star-crossed pair?

Trading Up by Mahalia Levey (M/F Military)
A lonely woman and soldier get a bit of help in finding each other.

Her Marine by Heather Long (M/F Military)
The last thing Shannon and Brody expected was a soul deep connection that brings them both wonder, but is the spark of lust enough to bring these two loners in from the cold?

Wet Dream by J.M. Madden (M/F Military)
Ginger Hampton isn't surprised when her Madame Eve date is a no-show, but maybe Chief of Security Cameron Jones can salvage her night, and her heart.

Dom of the Dead by Virginia Nelson (M/F Paranormal)
Love transcends the grave when Carson submits to the Dom of the Dead.

Catch Me by Jennifer Probst (M/F Contemporary)
Can a woman with an abused past surrender her heart and body to one night with a stranger?

The Virgin and the Playboy by Kate Richards (M/F Contemporary)
Can love blossom between a man who has too many dates and a woman who hasn't even found time for sex once?

Paging Dr. Wolf by Rebecca Royce (M/F Paranormal)
When a fateful night turns Dr. Dallas Olson into a werewolf, only Cara can help heal his heart and teach him how to howl at the moon.

Familiar Desires by Olivia Starke (M/F Fantasy)
Something deeper lies in Ashley and Justin's magical connection, something Ashley isn't prepared for....

Satin Sheets in Space by Jessica E. Subject (M/F/M Sci-Fi)
Danyka expects to meet her Prince Charming during her 1Night Stand, but how will she react when she's abducted by two sexy aliens?

Dragon Temptation by Kali Willows (M/F Paranormal)
A twin dragon and a maid of honor hook up at an exotic destination wedding for steamy romance and melted chocolate!


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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

21 1NS Stories for 1 low price

Look at all you will get for 99 cents....

With the following Authors
Jennifer Probst
Diane Alberts
J.M. Madden
Valerie Mann
Kate Richards
Stephanie Beck
Liz Crowe
Becca Dale
Sara Daniel
Dominique Eastwick
L.J. Garland
Desiree Holt
D.L. Jackson
Taryn Kincaid
Mahalia Levey
Rebecca Royce
Virginia Nelson
Heather Long
Olivia Starke
Kali Willows
Jessica Subject

Sunday, August 3, 2014

4 Stars for Strawberry Kisses

What a lovely surprise... it's always nice to get a review on a book, yet somehow sweeter when the book has been out for a couple of years.

Madame Eve has done it again. Although short in length as all 1NS stories are, Strawberry Kisses does not disappoint. Mia was endearingly clumsy and Gavin dashing and handsome. These two characters deserved each other. An accidental meeting sets off a series of wants and desires for both characters that luckily works out in their benefit thanks to Madame Eve.

Although the concept is for the parties involved to spent 1 night together and hopefully make a connection, anyone familiar with the series knows that Madame Eve is never wrong in her matches. Mia and Gavin are likeable characters. Far from explosive at first site, their first accidental meeting and everything that led up to their date was sweet in a way that not many short romances are. Rather than rush in to the sex, Eastwick takes the time to build some intimacy between the characters and the story is so much better for it.

I am a great fan of the 1NS series and have discovered quite a few new authors due to this series. Dominique Eastwick has just become the latest addition to my list of authors to follow. This short and incredibly sweet romance is a great addition to the 1NS series and I can’t wait to read more by this author.

To see the whole review check out Cocktails and Books Blog