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What doesn't kill us makes you stronger. But is their love strong enough?

Lucas Sherman wanted one thing in life. Never to set eyes on his ex-fiancรฉ Kiloran O’Connor again. But no one said life was fair. Now with a stalker hunting both of them Lucas is forced to put his distrust and hatred to the side to keep them both alive.

Kiloran only ever wanted to keep Lucas safe. But no matter how hard she tries danger seems to be a step behind them. Now creating a public front can she break through the wall Lucas has erected around his heart? Those same walls she helped cement.

Can true love conquer and forgive all or will it kill them both?


Her scream echoed through the large house. Lucas didn’t wait for a second for Kiloran to scream again. He was running full speed nearly tripping over the puppy sleeping in the kitchen door.

He took the stair two at a time and met Kiloran dressed only in a pair of underwear in the hallway coming straight at him. She was pale—and that said something, as she was always pale. Only the splattering of freckles across her nose and cheeks gave her any color. She wrapped herself around him with a death grip.

“What the hell is wrong?”

She buried her face deep into his shirt shaking her head. Good Lord, she was trembling. He forced her back to look at her—a mistake, a snow her perfect breasts were staring at him. Coral-colored nipples that he wanted to take into his mouth were perky and erect. He had been too long without sex. Looking back at her face, Lucas leaned down to force her to look in his eyes.

“Tell me.”

“He was here.”

“Where?” Lucas knew damned well who he was.

“Bathroom.” She pointed a shaking hand in the direction of her room. He halted when she grabbed his shirt. “Please don’t leave me.”

Lucas pulled her to him and headed to the bedroom. Stopping only long enough to grab the blanket off the foot of the bed, he wrapped it around Kiloran and forced her to sit on the bed’s edge. “I will be right here.”

She nodded, enfolding the blanket around her tighter. Moving into the bathroom, his gaze went to the large mirror along the length of the wall over the two sinks. In big red letters was a message:

'Get rid of Lucas or I will.'
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