Thursday, December 6, 2012

Christmas Wishes Blog Hop

So what are you wishing for?

I could say the normal things world peace, end world hunger, that everyone I knew had a job, and that my credit cards were paid off. And all of those would be true. I do wish for those things. But on a more personal note what do I wish for...

  1. A Muse that doesn't think it okay to take a vacation when I need to work,
  2. To finish my Sherman Family Series *see wish one*
  3. To clean up the mess of KILLING LUCAS due out in the spring :)
  4. To find time to write more and get my house clean at the same time.

That's it pretty simple really :)

I have new book out Kissing the Bridesmaid. For those of you familiar with my Sherman Series this is a short story that focuses on one of the many cousins but you will see some familiar faces. These two characters are flawed they haven't made the best decisions and yet giving the chance will that take it on their Finally ever After?

A single kiss can change everything.

Callie Sherman has moved past her silly schoolgirl crush on Aiden Marshall. But she is still haunted by the one kiss they shared the night before he married her best friend.

Aiden has been in love with Callie since he first pulled her pigtails years ago. Believing he could never have her as more than a friend, he moved on with his life. But everything came crashing down after one kiss.

Now divorced, Aiden isn't going to let anything get in the way of his second chance with Callie. This time, if he has anything to say about it, will be their finally ever after.


To enter to win any one of my books and you can see them all HERE.  Just follow my blog and leave a comment about what your Christmas wishes are, tell me which book interests you and will be entered into my contest. :)

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