Welcome Harley DeLuca

I am thrilled today to welcome Harley DeLuca one of the many talented authors part of the Bella Morte Anthology

Harley please tell us about yourself…
I am a 29 year old ex-cosmetologist! I am super blessed to have been able to bring my thoughts from my head to my pen and paper to my publisher. My first story that will be released on August 4th is called Mistress of Passion. Talk about nervous as hell!! I am also very blessed in being able to be published alongside so many passionate, loving and not to mention HOT authors in the Bella Morte anthology, also launching on August 4th.

Which of your books would you recommend to your readers to read first?
Well this is my first launch so I have my own story Mistress of Passion coming out as well as being in the Bella Morte anthology. Would it be too greedy to everyone to pick them both up!?! J

Absolutely not greedy at all!  What are you reading now?
I am actually going through a bout of writers block at the moment so I have decided to go back to the beginning, the time and the series that actually got me wanting to write. Even after reading the Black Dagger Brotherhood seven times there is still something with the way that JR Ward writes that brings me back to life so to speak! Thank you Miss Ward!!

What are your five favorite Novels?
Lover Eternal- JR Ward
Lover Unbound- JR Ward
Lethal Rider- Larissa Ione
Desire Unchained- Larissa Ione
Night Pleasures- Sherrilyn Kenyon

Excellent Choices Night Pleasures is one of my favorites too, Okay what’s your favorite movie?
Goodfellas all the way!!! I LOVE mobster movies, but this one even beats out The Godfather for me.

I think I could recited Goodfella's its one my husband watches over and over again . Do you listen to Music when you write, if so what?
I have to always have some sort of background noise on while I write. Most of the time it is music as it helps me set the scene I am working on. Personally for me it fills in the imagery that wasn’t in my mind as the scene started.

What is your favorite quote?
My favorite quote is one of my own. Only take for granted the times that take your breath away. For every time you lose your breath, opportunity presents a new breath taking experience. ~Harley De Luca

Beautiful Quote thank you for sharing that with us. If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be and why?
Hands down I would want to live in Italy. My great grandmother came to the US from Verona. I have always wanted to go and experience and live where she did.

Are you a Plotter or a Panster?
I am a total Panster. I may write out a little bit of a plot just to help me understand how to mesh a couple of elements together but other than that if I try to write from a thought out plot I tend to lose my thoughts.

What Genre do you write and why?
Well my story Mistress of Passion is an erotica, as well as the anthology, Bella Morte. I have always been told I have a niche for writing out some damn hot sex but I also love to write anything paranormal. Any kind of  “unnatural” being, such as let’s say a vampire, can be hot and sexy in any given story but when you add sex into the mix? Yep you’re looking right at a melt your panties kind of scorcher.

What is your biggest distraction when it comes to writing?
I think just the act of being distracted is a major distraction. Whether it be from the battery on my iPod dying, to the phone ringing, to the wrong song being played.

Now for the big question BBQ? Carolina, Tennessee, Texas or Kansas City?
Well I have been lucky enough to have three out of the four BBQ’s to know what is better than the next. I am more partial to Kansas City BBQ and not because I live in KC but because for good BBQ you have to have messy fingers and BBQ sauce from ear to ear! (OKAY ONE MORE FOR KC)

What are you working on now?
Right now I have 9 different WIP’s in progress. Currently I am testing the waters in trying to meld 2 different stories into one fabulous one! J

I wish you the best of luck with all nine of them :)

Where can we find you?

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