Pirate sites are NOT Lending Libraries

Let me say this LOUD AND CLEAR. Downloading ebooks from pirating sites is stealing. They are not a lending library, you get to keep the books forever if you choose. If you want to check out my books then ask your local library to get them for their ebook program, its available to them. Library's pay the authors for their books. They are legit, pirating sites are not. If you think I make a lot of ...money doing this I do not. Do I want people to read my books yes but pirating doesn't help my book it hurts it. Do not buy into the hype that this is okay, or LEGAL it is NOT. This is theft plain and simple. Pirate sites do not own my books, I do and I have NOT given them the right to use my books in any way... If you can't afford my book ask me if I have free copies to give you. DO NOT STEAL THEM.

Thank you to all those who have spent the 3.99 my most expensive book costs.


  1. This is such a problem. :/ And it's so not cool.

    I wonder what the pirates would do if peeps banned together and sued them like that photog just did?

  2. It's just a shame and so disrespectful that people think these illegal sites are cool and should exist.


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